Wednesday, October 31, 2007

[NativeVue] by Buffalohair: N8V, The Interview


Being that I'm a hard core rock  & roll fan whose enjoyed the  likes of Jimmy  Hendrix and Janis Joplin at free concerts, umm a couple  of years ago, it's more than just a treat to listen to a hard rocking Native group like N8V.  

With roots on Kodiak Island Alaska in the little fishing village of Port Lions, Alutiiq (Aleut) Tribe, the band with humble beginnings was established in Seattle in 2006.  The love and respect for their Native American heritage is ever present in all their works. They are storytellers from a perspective that is truly unique to Native American youth (and youth in general) but they are a rock & roll band by every stretch of the word. And their music is BAD TO THE BONE, with lyrics of significant social consequence and worth paying attention to...N8V, The Interview

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