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I wrote a piece about the dire situation of one village I was aware of in Alaska that is suffering directly from the ill effects of global warming. But I must admit that I stand corrected for there are other villages that face dire consequences at this time. And I mean NOW!

I hate politicians as a general rule since they all are bold faced liars as they con people into giving them a job in government. There is no division in parties at the top of the pile and you are only kidding yourself if you think there is. But I don’t want to get into that at this time. I want to focus on a champion of sorts fore this woman though she is in a politically charged position; she spoke her mind and the truth about out brothers and sisters to the north.

Her name is Sally Russell Cox, an Alaska State Planner and this is what she said when posed with the question dealing with the Alaskan Natives and the cost of relocating them out of imminent danger. You have to realize that these people are suffering the direct effects of global warming. Their traditional land will soon be under water, Possible by the end of the year. Loss of life is probable when the winter storms come yet there is a price tag in their salvation. Yup, it’s about the money Paisan.

"I hate to put things in economic terms, because these are human beings we're talking about," she said. "These are lifestyles they've led for thousands of years that have been passed on to them by their forefathers. How can you minimize all that (by putting it) in economic terms?"

Where is the main stream media pray tell? Why is there no news about this situation? This is a total abomination to say the least. How callus and ambivalent this land of the free has become. To allow human beings to suffer and even face possible death because it would cost to much to relocate them is absolutely ridiculous. How far beyond stupid have we become to allow so called elected officials to ignore this anyway?????

By the same token it was not only the United States that was responsible for these green house gasses to reeked havoc on our eco system. It's the population of the world who can share in the responsibility. Yes each and every nation on this planet had a share in this environmental disaster. And it is only fair that the world take responsibility for this disaster. At least someone will.

It’s about time the world steps up to the plate and does something for these people. And don’t give cash to the Red Cross fore it will never get to the people it was intended for. If we learned anything from 9-11, it is that all the donations for the stricken people never got there. It was divided up and distributed into the coffers of this so called Humanitarian agency. Only a fraction of the donated loot made it to the people it was intended for. And it was legal. I call it the non profit scam of America. Oh there was a news item or two about it, but as usual nothing came of it. Just ask any survivor or start a non profit organization and see the financial perks of NON PROFIT.

It’s another American shame, “Profiting From Plight”, it happens all the time fore only pennies on the dollar actually goes to any cause in America. While the lions share goes to administrative costs like marble wall coverings and Italian lamb skin furnature in their offices and it’s legal. It’s all about the money, believe it or not. GO TO THE STRICKEN, CONTACT THE AFFLICTED, DON’T THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY. The business of disaster relief is a lucrative one. Just check out the bottom line of these so called non profit organizations. See where the money really goes and you will know exactly what I am talking about. It’s plain as the Schnoze on your face Paisan. I could have not come up with a better scam when I was a Wiseguy, Capice? Course what do you expect from a Nation that allows the Insurance Industry to extort money from the general public. Need I say more?

I’ve provided a link to Anchorage Daily News with the story about the Native’s on going disaster. And sadly the main concern IS the cost not the human toll. Read it and weep, at least ADN had the Huevos to print the story in the first place.

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