Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Buffalohair ANDREA MENARD, Métis Magnifique

rabbit falls

In writing this interview I was poised with two options. I could write about this beautiful award winning actress/ playwright/singer and the many accomplishments and awards she has earned. Andrea, with the help of her producer and co-writer Robert Walsh, have taken Canada Rabbit Fall has become a favorite on the Aboriginal People's Television Network with second season on the horizon. I've viewed the show and am quite jealous that we don't get APTN here in the States. by storm as this songstress forged a trail to fame with her enchanting voice and acting prowess. Most recently, her new TV series

I could write about all of this, but there's more to Andrea Menard beyond what you see on stage and screen...ANDREA MENARD, Métis Magnifique

BUFFALOhair - Somewhere between sanity and dementia

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