Wednesday, December 19, 2007



With all the chaos in the news these days, things can look pretty negative to say the least. But there is a silver lining it would appear. So we are living in the time of great change. Yea don’t have to buy into any of it and frankly, I don’t really care since it is your choice. All I am is a messenger, take it or leave it. With the news and data available for all to see, there is no real excuse as to why people simply don’t get it other than this lemming mentality.

Elders say that society is likened to chickens rushing to eat the corn the ole farmer is tossing in the coup. They rush here and they rush there not caring who they step on to get the corn. And all the while the ole farmer is sizing up these chickens to find the plumpest one to butcher.

But not everyone is buying into this race for the corn, so to speak. And happily there are human beings that cross cultural lines who see the reality of the world around them. In one vision I was shown a globe and on this globe was these purple dots. When these dots were connected they formed a loosely strung net of sorts around the Earth. I was told this would be humanities safety net for the more turbulent times ahead mankind will face.

Further, my elders told me many people would simply not buy into the concept of Changing Times regardless of how ancient this notion is. Many more than not would rather adhere to the material consequence of contemporary society. But this loosely strung safety net would save a few and that is all that really matters. It ain’t nothing but meatball to me Paisan. So I’m a Krusty messenger eh……lol.

Fortunately for humanity there are many others who see what I see. In the last year I must have met hundreds of other people I consider purple dots fore they all share the same visions. They cross all national and racial boundaries. From musicians and entertainers to civil engineers and airline pilots, even street kids like me. We all share this axiom of Changing Times and Humanitarianism. Just blows my mind since I was told about this back in the early 90’s in a vision. Now it is coming to pass on a scale I never could have possibly imagined. We truly are living in a time of great change. If you can not see it yet, eventually I guarantee you will, for your sake. For us purple dots, it’s already a done deal, Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom, Capice?

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