Tuesday, December 4, 2007



It’s been a known fact that Mad King George and Dick Cheney as well as all the political Bozo’s who want to be prez have been saber rattling about Evil Iranian and their nuclear program. Granted, I do not buy in to Iran’s contention the Holocaust did not exist. But by the same token declaring war on them was far from an option. Besides Israel is fully capable of zapping Iran into the Stone Age if Iran got to far out of line anyway.

But when top ranking officials from the intelligence community reveled Iran stopped their nuclear program back in 2003. One has to really wonder why Bush and leaders of the free world were planning to declare war anyway. And here is the American public nodding their heads in approval. It makes Putin and other leaders who stood defiantly against this madness more credible to say the least. And it simply makes George W Bush a liar since it is obvious that he was lying to world leaders and the US public at large in any event.

It was all about the money since America has become a war based economy in the first place. War gleans a high profit since the military dumps cash on a daily basis with multi million dollar missiles and bombs. Add the fact Halliburton is gouging the American tax payer of billions in “services rendered” and lining stock holders pockets with blood money. It is all too apparent that “we the people” have been duped in an elaborate con.

The clear fact Iraq did not posses Weapons of Mass Destruction should have been an indicator that we were being lied to. Another indicator was the clear fact the leadership of both major political parties are heavily invested in oil and the war machine. this was a major red flag indeed. But as a nation we choose to ignore the truth in favor of profiteering. Clearly you can see the vast majority of these profits went to only a select few as our nation was sold down the tubes.

But as usual the political talking heads are making excuses to show face as they try to justify a grand lie or deception. They are still feeding into a lie with claims of enriching uranium in the fact of truth. So it is just a case of Orwellian Double Speak as the public is lied to in the face of truth. And KIng George will spout more elaborate words of deception to provide another smoke screen to mask his true intentions.

It is egg on the face of world leaders who sided with Bush with the proposed war though. The citizenry of all these nations whos leaders sided with Bush fore they may be as corrupt as ours. It is truly criminal that someone would lead a nation down the road of war simply for the benefit of stock holders who are heavily invested in all aspects of the war machine. Fact is they are heavily invested in all the industries that are crippling our nation such as health care, insurance, oil and war. And here are Hillary, Osama and the rest of these presidential hopefuls who are all pointed towards war in Iran when elected. This should be a red flag as to how intensely corrupt our political arena has become. Fore no one is concerned for the people of this nation and it’s all about the money.

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