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The US Government boasts of helping other struggling countries achieve a foothold with their economies. The US Government sends aid to impoverished people world wide while claiming to be a humanitarian. But just in their back yard is a secret nation. This is the silent nation of the indigenous people who live in harsh third world conditions. The media has painted a picture of “All is well” within all the tribes of the America’s and it’s a bold faced lie for the vast majority of our tribal people are suffering from abject poverty. Canada and Mexico has followed suite in the subjugation, discrimination and wholesale lying to the world about our plight. It is all a lie and our people are suffering and dying in the wake of this reality.

You would think the land of milk and honey would have done more for the original inhabitants of this land but alas, we get less than nothing. Granted there are a few success stories but the overwhelming numbers cast a negative pall to this. Despair and sorrow are passed from one generation to another as the suffering and neglect take center stage in the lives of our offspring. Futility is the norm on many reserves across the America’s as treaties and contracts are not honored and the natural resources are gleaned from tribal lands.

The needs of the conquered people have taken a back burner since their needs are never addressed. Politicians vey for political prominence and the presidency of the United States with no regard to the Native people of this land, we have become a non-issue. The media at large has turned a deaf ear to our cries for equality or at least an even playing field. I have contacted everyone in this political circus From Obama to Gulliani with absolutely no response or reply to my queries about Native issues. The multi media only reprint portions of their debates and discussions as they move their favorites into the public’s eye. We are a non issue and no one will address us or our needs. I am supposed to be complacent and be like a lemming and pretend all is legit within this corrupt system of government. Or worse, pretend one side or the other is nobler than the other. The choices are nothing more than choosing betweenCuster or Chivington, Hitler or Goering because there is no lesser evil at this juncture. Remember what was said not what was reprinted.

They all lie and people have to remember what is said during their speeches as they gain support fore the media at large will groom and reprint some of their speeches to paint a better picture. How far beyond stupid has this culture become? In all actuality it will serve the public right to ignore what was said by all these liars as they put up a smoke screen of truth. And from a Native standpoint it serves you right to believe these bogus politicians fore they all have a second agenda, if only you paid attention in the first place. But also, this is only a sign or verification of the Times of Change but sadly few will pay attention to this reality. And this was foretold as well.

But like my elders said, this country has consumed us and left us to our own devices. And now they are consuming their own as greed and corruption takes the reigns of this nation. You must remember the multi media at large is owned and controlled by the very corporations who have lobbied against the people of this and other nations, and it is all about the money.

If all these politicians were legit they would make note of the corrupt actions of George W Bush. He signed executive orders giving the president absolute power to do as he or she wishes with no regard to the Constitution or national boundaries. Absolute power to arrest anyone who opposed their rule, I doubt this will happen since they all want this absolute power as well. If you can not see this, well boys and girls you will soon find out the hard way fore as a Native people, we already live in captivity and subjugation. And soon you will suffer as we have since the time of conquest.

People of the world take a long hard look at the ruling class of your nations. Seem who their bed fellows are. You will soon see a picture of corruption that has transcended national borders fore Corporate Fascism is spreading like a cancer. The guise of nobility only masks the greed within. And if you do not see it now, eventually you will know my word s for the truth it really is. I am the voice of the voiceless that see clearly my words. Surprisingly, it is the vast majority regardless of race, color or national affiliation. I am but one messenger fore there are others and you would be wise to heed their warnings.

Pay attention, connect the dots and remember what is said. The information is there in black and white for all to see if you quite kidding yourself and pretending all is well. The true hope for the future is in the survivors who will come from the ashes of Mother Earth’s wrath fore the survival of humanity is no longer in man’s hands. We have passed the point of no return. It’s as simple as that. I welcome this Time of Change fore I am sickened by the world of lies and greed. If you never lived in captivity you would not recognize it if it hit you in the face since this nation is no longer free. Soon the all powerful Homeland Security czars will offer more restrictions in order to keep us safe and America will become one giant reservation. Gulag Americano, has a ring to it don’t you think?

It is no longer a matter of wondering when the Times of Change will come. It is a matter of wondering when it will end fore it has come like the thieves in the night. Funny how all these do gooder presidential hopefuls, with all the media attention money could buy stop foe one second and mention the current human suffering that is happening in Washington and Oregon State. Seems political and financial needs are the primary concern. It would be the perfect opportunity for one of these hopefuls to say something and show their true leadership potential. Imagine how much quicker the people in this flood stricken area could get aid is someone, anyone said, “Why are people suffering needlessly Mr. Bush?” But naw, lets just worry about our job application and pretend all is well in America. Frankly I am surprised the media has picked up on this disaster in the first place. Most of my news outlets are in Europe anyway.

Let’s go one step further eh. Here is the world, all excited about the coming Olympics in China. Every country in the world including big business are racing to find their spot in this lucrative event that is sure to line many pockets with billions in revenue. Like a bunch of vultures or flies hungry for the all mighty dollar. In the US alone, hundreds if not thousands of businesses are sending their goons to China to make sure to get their fair share of the pie. It does not matter that the corrupt Chinese government illegally evicted over 1.6 million peasants to clear a path for new construction.

Imagine, 1.5 million people made homeless while corrupt criminal Chinese officials booted families from their homes just for a sporting event. Does anyone see the total disregard for human rights or does anyone really care? Are we that ambivalent to the cries of innocent people? China, a nation wracked with corruption that has enslaved its population and murdered innocent people, is building a façade of prosperity to garner more money. US business interests are taking the bait and pouring billions into this nation with no regard to the death and destruction this nation is involved in. And its all about the money Paisan, Capice?

Burma is a classic example of the cancer that is spreading world wide as millions have been displaced and killed simply for trying to adhere to their traditions and way of life. And to think they risked their lives fighting alone side American soldiers during the Second World War. Dare I mention the Navajo Code Talkers? Seems the only ally Corporate Fascism has is money. Ideologies have taken a back burner to the quest for material wealth and the peasants of the world and their needs are of no real consequence for its all about the money.

When that Olympic torch makes its way to China, they might as well torch the villages in their path since people died and lost their homes so big business can make a presents in the lucrative international venture. The Olympic emblem will be drenched with blood and the money made from this event will be nothing more than blood money. And where are all these do gooder politicians who could possible make a statement about the atrocities of the Chinese government? Busy telling the American public how good they are and how they want to make things better within the confines of America. But not a one of these pinheads made one single word about the Executive Orders King George made giving the President of the United States untold power to do as he or she wished while tossing the Constitution of the United States and Civil Liberties in the dumpster. Not a one said a word or offered to correct this blatant violation of the core tenets this nation was founded on, not a one.

Well, Ma Earth is about to plow her cork and its about time since civilization needs to be humbles and brought to its knees since man and greed has taken over where humanity once stood. Maybe then will people learn to be human once again. Maybe then people will open their eyes to the human suffering that is happening all around them all for the sack of the bottom line and that worthless piece of paper called money. And maybe then will they realize the citizens of all nations have been lied to from absolutely every political figure there is. You don’t have to go to China to find victims of the bogus political system. Just ask survivors of Hurricane Katrina, the thirsty of Georgia, the flood victims in the Northwest, ask any Natives from the America’s or are you listening? You better pay attention boys and girls fore you are next.

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