Friday, December 14, 2007

Yikes I am in HOT WATER!

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Buffalohair Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9:00 - 12:00 midnight ES

To listen now, copy and paste this link into your winamp:   NOT!

Crashed Radio Server?!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooooooooooh I was afraid of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having an idea of how many people we might be reaching around the world!

Three days now with server down! Site 'Shout Cast' is asking a Song of Why! Why? And saying ....
Current Stream Information Server Status: Server is currently down.

I will go hide now!


I did ask if it would crash radio site with big numbers of people tuning in ................
You see I was asked to Make a Web page once, to promote an upcoming Site. That time I did not have world wide profile connections to use. So what I did was joined almost every English speaking Group I could find and put in the Web Page Link;-)
When the New Site opened, it crashed from the heavy internet traffic jam that paid them a visit on opening day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes they were WOWED as they were young !

Now these DJs who have shows , I am sure, are not WOWED over a crashed server!

SHOUTcast AdministratorStream URL:, Stream AIM:, N/A. Stream IRC:. Current Song:, Bek Phillips - Why. Why? Why! ...
- 5k -

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