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Being the Krusty journalist that I am, I was pleased to find a story that was more "Christmassy" in a way. This story was brought to my attention by my cousin Paul Underwood from the rock band Exist Wound. After researching this piece I though it would be something I should share with the world, so here goes eh.

I think we can all safely say we know people who are suffering many debilitating disease both physical and mental. For the most part people are at a loss to deal or cope with them. As a family member or friend of a disabled person, sometimes they are at a loss as to how to address these issues. The afflicted in many cases are thrust into depression with the feeling of hopelessness.

Well, a person named Vern Anderson has developed a news letter (Abilities News) that is designed to assist the stricken, families and friends with those awkward questions and needs they find themselves poised with. Truly this is a noble venture and it speaks volumes about this individual who has taken it upon himself to grasp this challenging endeavor.

Though Abilities News is circulated around the City of Billings Montana I believe this news letter should circulated around the world. So I took it upon myself to share this venture with my readers worldwide fore I believe Humanity has no racial, cultural and national boundaries. And quite frankly, human beings world wide are victims of all conditions that afflict both mind and body. So I am promoting this positive approach in an effort to offer hope and improve the quality of human beings who once thought they were forgotten. Well umm, after all I am the voice of the voiceless.

Vern does not like the terms Disabled or Handicap hence the title Abilities News. He focuses on what a person can do rather then focus on the debilitating aspects of any condition a person may have. He believes anything can be conquered and offers promise and hope rather then the stereotypical focus on inabilities society dwells on or simply ignores.

I can't think of a better qualified person to share in techniques and address issues once not spoken though. His qualifications far surpass many professionals in this field fore Vern lives with Cerebral Palsy. With 40 years of experience I can't think of a better qualified person to grasp this challenging endeavor. Talk about insider information eh. So I behoove all who read this piece that suffer or know of others who suffer conditions of the body and mind to take a gander at Vern and his publication Abilities News. Vern is a true humanitarian and has my support and I think he deserves yours as well. Vern is my hero and a champion fore he is truly "The Voice of the Voiceless"

Join his sites, subscribe to his news letter, make a difference in peoples lives and remember "Humanity has no Disabilities."

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