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There is no question Bill Clinton sold the US down the tubes when he gave China “Most Favored Nation” status back during his days of corruption. And we should not forget Ronnie Reagan’s inclusion of the Social Security Funds to make it look like we have a thriving balanced budget. In 1998 the term was changed to “Normal Trade Relations” (NTR) to mask this bogus Favored Nation’s scam designed only to benefit Industry at the expense of the US labor force. With NAFT, yet more jobs and industries went by the wayside and there are more to come, believe it or not. Then here came old King George W. Bush who’s lined the already fattened pockets of the greedy Corporate Fascists who’ve taken over America. And no one fired a shot. LOL, America has become a country that is totally dependent on others to survive, all for the sack of making a profit for a select few. And from a Native standpoint, oh well, to bad, so sad since we were not included in the so called American Dream. Fact is we’ve been thrust into abject poverty and ignored by this Land of Milk and Honey for the most part.

All the while, US industries have been seeking out cheap labor and moving millions of jobs to other nations. These nations don’t have environmental laws or are exempt, cheap labor with no benefits or health care/retirement concerns and dispensable Indigenous populations living on land rich with natural resources. Unbenounced to the American public China has been quietly buying up US Treasury Bonds and gaining control of the US economy. China’s trade surplus has literally squeezed the life out of the US work force while Corporate Fascists drank the wine of corruption and invested in the new budding economy of China. Industry Lobbyists have become the new voice of America. The lemming mentality of the population follows the Pied Piper’s of both the Democratic and Republican Parties down the path to financial and economic pandemonium. And it’s all about the money. To funny, since the joke is on the US fore there truly is no difference other than the talking heads. Hillary Barak Guilliani for president. When you realize that industry and the media are supporting them all it paints a darker picture than once realized. On the streets it was called “Good Cop, Bad Cop”

With data available while living in this era of the “Information Super Highway” there is no excuse for what is about to happen in the US financial circus. Bernake, a Bush puppet, has cut interest rates to the chagrin of Allen Greenspan. Incidentally Greenspan warned these rate cuts will be catastrophic in the long run to say the least. The quick fix will have dire consequences. Or are you paying attention? Ah but greed has a blind eye eh. The fate of the US economy is in the hands of others at this juncture and our Corporate Fascist Leadership has sold America for the sake of profits and the bottom line for the select few who will profit when the market finally crashes. The select few who’ve cashed in when the stock market crashed back in 29’. Someone hit the jackpot when America was thrown to its knees. The money went somewhere fore it did not simply disappear. And the descendants of these greedy families will glean more riches, again.

With corruption at the highest levels before Mao cleaned the slate, China has become the new financial power. They are beating the US at their own game since Beijing learned from the masters, the US in the art of deception and greed. With 1.5 million innocent Chinese people forced from their homes for this less than noble Olympic venture, US Industrialists have invested heavily while finding a foothold on the backs of homeless human beings. Blinded by greed and the lusting for material consequence Corporate Fascists have taken the bait and it’s only a matter of time before the US is subservient to others. Only then the population will realize they’ve been had by their elected officials, both Democrats and Republicans. Hello Mc Fly……

Dare I mention how totally dependent we’ve become to China for chemicals within the pharmaceutical industry? It has become a quite national emergency as told by industry insiders since medicines that stop plagues are in their hands at this juncture. Take a gander and see for yourselves. Or are you hoping it will go away? The game of chess is complex and America is playing checkers while others prepare to place us in checkmate. Or just maybe this is all calculated, does New World Order ring an bell? Whence nations of the world disappear we will be one world order if industry has its way. Here is that world domination thing again boys and girls. And as we all know, World Domination has always been the sacred cow of leaders since time immemorial. Wish I could tell you my visions, but you would not believe an old Injun guy anyway. All I can say is, “You reap what you sow” and the fate of mankind has long since been foretold on both sides of the great pond.

How many wars do we need to keep this war based economy afloat? Sadly, when the war of true survival finally comes into view the US will be hard pressed to find allies. Historically we as a nation have turned our backs on our allies such as Burmese Freedom Fighters and the loyal Mungs of Viet Nam, just to mention a few. The list is very long and quite telling fore it paints a picture of betrayal and lies that is most unforgivable. Just ask any American Indian about treaties, broken promises and betrayal. Our people are still under siege while Pollyanna’s ask us to forgive and forget without having a clue as to the totality of our plight. We are still dying as eugenics finds a new guise in ambivalence. Only now, others will soon see what we’ve endured. Tag, you’re it boys and girls fore greed has finally come full circle. And it’s all about the money Paisan, Capice?

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