Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Tanka" at all you do.


Nakota Designs

Date: Feb 26, 2008 3:51 PM
Subject: "Tanka" at all you do.
Body: A shared outlook on what it means to be "Tanka" at all you do.
from Nakota Designs Inc... part of the creative design team behind the Tanka Bar brand.

"Tanka" can be interpreted as meaning, large, or grand or great.... with this interpretation one can see it as something they can all strive to be in our individual lives... Tanka "at its grandest".. all you do in life... at its grandest.

How cool is that? That interpretation makes you responsible for all of your actions... for living your life at its grandest... cause and affect... for the good of all.

With this awareness on life, a bigger picture is painted for us... on what being "Tanka" can mean for each of us on an individual bases. Life at its grandest! How powerful is that? Being "tanka" being grand or great at all we do in life... is the very essence of life itself. it is an awareness of life... a way of life that works.

Together we can build this awareness... through sharing of knowledge and education, realizing "who we are"... WE ARE, Thriving Nations meant to be all we can be... meant to be "tanka" at all we do... it is what our elders would want us to do... this is what our Mother Earth expects of us... it what we must do, for our children and for the betterment of their futures... after all we are all native to this planet... we are all as ONE with all that is.

Being "Tanka" to me... means being a whole person... a person who is balanced physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually... and spiritually. Being aware... aware of life and all of lifes gifts.

And being "Tanka" is being this example for others... and empowering others to be this as well.

As Creative Director for Nakota Designs, I can say we were honored to share in the vision of this native business venture, Native American Natural Foods and the Tanka Bar... a powerful brand, a powerful identity that is reaching out to so many people... one that is true to its roots, true to its beliefs and is committed to helping the People, the Buffalo and Mother Earth... to help us all live in a native way of wellness that feeds mind, body and spirit.

Personally I think it is quite inspiring to think of life as "Tanka". And personally I think it is inspiring for us to raise our children in such a way... inspire them to be and do all they can with what life has to offer them.

Support Tanka Bar... support NANF at all they do... they are truly inspirational... they are truly "tanka".
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thanks for all you do. walt
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