Monday, February 25, 2008

The short documentary film "Pirates of the Navajo Nation"

New Short Film to View Online

The short documentary film "Pirates of the Navajo Nation" is now complete and available for your viewing on our website.

Viewing requirements are:
QuickTime 7 Minimum
Broadband Connection
File Size: 49 MB (yeah, it's huge, but worth it)
Run Time: 22 minutes

File Location:

The Navajo Nation anti-piracy legislation (spnsored by Council Delegate Edmund Yazzie) will go before the Navajo Nation Council this April for the Spring Session. We encourage everyone that supports this legislation to come out to the Navajo Nation Council Chambers in Window Rock, AZ to show your support to enact anti-piracy laws into Navajo Nation Law. An official press release will be available as soon as the April dates for the Navajo Nation Council Spring Session are available.

Feel free to pass this information to anyone interested.

Thank you,
Shonie and Andee De La Rosa
Sheephead Films

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