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Recently I was asked by a colleague to look into Gangs and Gang recruitment on the internet. As I explored this story I came to realize something I’ve known all along. Since I grew up on the streets and made my bones in gangs back in the day. I have some input that I would like to share about Gangs.

All I hear is, gangs this or gangs that and how we need to stop gangs. Paleeze give me a break. First off STOPPING GANGS is nothing more than stopping a sneeze rather than stopping the cold. Gangs are not the cause but only a symptom. Gangs are only the end product of a throw away society. Gangs are where throw away people of society congregate. They are the outcasts, the misfits, the kids who are different, kids who don’t fit into some groove. They are the end product of neglect, abuse and prejudice for whatever reason. All the joy was slapped out of them at an early age for the most part and they come in all colors.

Ah but we live in the land of “Feel Good Laws and Distract-A-News”. And as usual a select group of people will soon cash in on the anti gang rhetoric that is spewing about eh. They will have an army of gang experts and garner federal funding. I can see it now; some congressman will propose a law of some kind making gangs illegal and with Gestapo’esk fashion doors will come down. These new laws will side step any and all civil rights such as the Miranda protocols, all for the greater good of society. Only tiny drawback will be the repercussions as the government takes full advantage of this new loophole in civil rights laws. Of course, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will have no bearing since America is in a coma. Ho hum, do I have to remind you about the wire taps that spy on terrorists only to be used to spy on American’s as well? Something to do with Homeland Security I do believe. Barf……

More than likely, non gang members and political sects will come under fire as well. The government will round up any and all dissidents who gather. For all intents and purposes any grouping of citizens would be construed as a gang hence they willbe considered illegal. But hey, it’s for the greater good eh. Gads, gangs flourish in prisons now. So I guess more prisons will be built, but what else is new? Rather than address why people join gangs they choose to simply throw people away. Guess there is no money in building places of higher education. It’s much easier to imprison than educate which brings us back to the core of the problem, society’s prejudices and hatred for minorities and people who simply are different. And you can bet your bippy there are lobbyists for the prison construction consortium waging war on America with stiffer laws to imprison more American’s.

Now that I’m thinking about it, did any of you ask why the feds are eliminating analog TV? Why was it so important for the feds to make this transition from analog to High Def TV? This is a no brainer since it’s all about making TV “Interactive”. In essence our televisions will be two way communications devices and it’s not simply for games and interactive televisions shows, gads you can’t be that numb eh. Just flip through the pages of George Orwell’s 1984 if you’d like a blueprint of total control of the masses by “Big Brother”. At the very least Corporate America could utilize this new data for marketing strategies. Of course the government will be able to eves drop to make sure we are good American’s. Yup Homeland Security will be the priority and the feds excuse as well.

So my PTSD’s are flaring big time. You have to remember, as a Native I’ve always lived in the land of doublespeak. As a culture we’ve had to endure many “second agendas” as well as watch our people get systematically killed off for the greater good or Manifest Destiny. Now this nation has come full circle and is consuming their own. The new color of choice is green and not the environmental kind. It makes you wonder why this nation has become so paranoid. And yup, I’ll wager it’s all about the money. It’s funny how the feds simply decided to do this without asking the public. But they did it for our greater good. Just more technological toiletries.

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