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So yea want to do something for the suffering of Burma. Like I said, the most powerful tool we have is the all mighty dollar. This is only a small list but as you soon will see, it has many strange bedfellows. List provided by Burma: On line News and Analysis. It is absolutely disgusting to read their responses to their investing in the criminal government of Burma. And they should be tried for financing this military junta whence junta officials are finally arrested. The atrocities from Cambodia perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge finally came to justice. And the new Killing fields of Burma will also have this conclusion. The companies listed below will also stand trial for their financial support of death. And we the people of the Earth must remember who they are.

Daewoo International of South Korea

Along with gas exploration they also have numerous other enterprises. Take a long hard look at the shelves of any store. You will find TV's, Radio's, DVD Players, Cars and trucks. One strange bedfellow just happens to be General Motors. Fact is, Daewoo of South Korea is well entrenched with the Burmese Military Junta and have gleaned quite a handsome profit from this nation. And of course, they are invested in Burma's gas fields.

[These] are all long-time investments. They can’t be easily changed because of domestic issues. Politics is politics. Economics is economics.”

Chevron Texaco of the United States

Including Chevron Phillips Chemical (CPChem), GS Caltex and Mrs. Beasley cookie company. They are invested heavily in Burma's gas fields. With record breaking profits every quarter you'd think they would not be so greedy. Every drop of their oil and gas is nothing better than drops of human blood.

Our community development programs also help improve the lives of the people they touch and thereby communicate our values, including respect for human rights.”

Total of France

Like Chevron, they are heavily invested in Burmese gas. Their excuse is that they are convinced they will help the people of Burma. In all actuality, they are invested in death and wholesale murder of ethnic people. When will the lives of human beings take priority over capital gains? Surely the people of France will be appalled whence they know this reality.

We are convinced that through our presence we are helping to improve the daily lives of tens of thousands of people who benefit from our social and economic initiatives.”

Nippon Oil of Japan

Just like the rest of the greedy oil profit hungry companies. They are heavily invested in Burma's gas and inadvertently financing the killing machine of the criminal military government of Burma. Again, the people of Japan would be appalled by this statement from this company. It is not the people of these countries, it's the greedy people of these corporations who've placed profits over human rights.

We see the political situation and energy business as separate matters.”

PTT Public Company Ltd. of Thailand

They are invested in many ways with this military junta. Of course gas is a primary cause for their greed and total disregard for human suffering.

We have invested in Burma over the past decade. Despite the political conflict, the benefits from the projects will go to people of both countries.”

The Olympic Games in Beijing and all the corporations who participate in them.

This should be a no brainer since the very essence of these games is smeared with human blood from the onset, the blood of innocent Chinese people. 1.5 million human beings were displaced to accommodate this Olympic Blood Letting, some by force. Course even at this writing people are being arrested in China

"Good neighborly and friendly policy" toward Myanmar "serves the interest of the people in Myanmar and also in China,"

Let us not forget the textile companies from Japan who are planning to move to Burma to enjoy the slave labor. Let us learn the name brands they represent and the companies who buy their wares. Let the world know who sells their cloths and textiles. Know the names of the corporate leaders for they are no different than Kaing Guek Eav and his involvement in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. People of these nations and the world unite and seek out other investors in Burma for this list is only the tip of the ice berg.

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