Thursday, March 6, 2008



Armed with nothing more than absolute faith, a robe and slippers Buddhist Monks have made their position known about the Constitutional Referendum. The stakes are very high. Knowing and surviving the consequences of September’s protest monks stand defiant and have gone on the offensive regardless of the risks.

Hopefully Gambari’s arrival will delay the inevitable government sponsored blood letting that follows when anyone dares to speak out. It is very important the eyes of the world are on them at this time. If the world pays attention they will witness innocent people being murdered, wounded Monks and students skulls crushed with rifle butts or simply executed when the “Thought Police” (USDA) Union Solidarity and Development Association steps in. If this happened in the jungle people would be dissected and hung on branches as a grave warning to obey government rule. Tribal elders have been known to vanish only to be found later mutilated with the head mounted on a stake. Obviously they would show signs of a long and torturous death. Tribal women would be brutalized and raped to death. Ah yes, junta democracy at its best eh.

“Special” decrees are in place by the Burmese government designed to silence free speech and all dialog about this so called Constitutional Referendum. In spite of this, monks have drawn the line in the sand and made their position clear, NO! Is this an exercise in futility where the only reward is death by bullet or rifle butt? Or is this a display of courage, principle and dedication to democracy in the face of insurmountable odds? Granted, for some the reward will be a bullet, rifle butt or bayonet, but it’s a sacrifice they are willing to make, their lives. Patrick Henry of American lore once said, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”. Interestingly, this was said during a time when people were struggling with oppression and tyranny, they wanted liberty and freedom. It was the beginning of the Revolutionary War and the birth of America. Patrick Henry was a true patriot and was willing to die for Freedom and Democracy, so are the monks of the AllBurma Monks Alliance. This axiom permeates all patriots wanting a Free Burma.

Monks, students, citizens and tribal people of the jungle and highlands who’ve died from tyranny and torture died as patriots and heroes. When the bamboo curtain is finally drawn and mass graves are finally reveled, then will we respond to the posthumous cries of a murdered nation? Or will they die in vane while we sit by and watch as a civilization becomes extinct?

Sadly humanity has a very bad track record when the lives of innocent people are concerned. No continent or culture has been spared this horrific reality. After all, it’s all about the money and natural resources. Burma rich with oil, gas, gold, uranium and precious stones has been caught up in a feeding frenzy of sorts by the world at large. The lusting for a piece of Burma’s natural wealth has deafened the ears of corporations and nations. Like the Inca, Maya and Aztecs, the Burmese people will be murdered for their land and the treasures it holds. Their history will be erased and their diverse cultures lost forever.

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