Thursday, March 13, 2008

Savage Hurt!

                                      Savage Hurt!

    Sad the heart that reaches out only to find itself crushed by the weight of hatred,slow the journey has been toward the light of healing,and one more time to find the door is closed before there is an opening.

    Deep within my spirit cries as the drum is stilled in pain,hurt exploding in my mind as trust is again thrown back,how long must we crawl before it is seen we too are simply human?

    Prayers rise choked with sobs and tobacco is offered,please Creator why is this so my land so full of those who wish to kill us,no quarter offered no understanding as once more they flay us.

    Shaking now shoulders bowed the worlds weight is to heavy,blind and deaf they turn away and never see the other sides pain,we understood their need for freedom,but not their need to take ours.

    Mother Earth,Father Sky,Four winds,Creator, Seven is the Sacred number and seven times I beg you,to the Water I take this pain but Great Spirit it is still inside me crying for an answer.

    They came,they saw, they took,and now wish to be seen as victims,not good enough to kill our bodies they wish to kill our spirits,how I look forward to that last long journey.

    Night falls on your children their faces lifted to you always,was it wrong to defend our homes and protect our helpless children,has five hundred years not been enough for these others to learn the lesson?

    There is nothing more important than the peace and the healing,why can these brash and stunted young not find gentleness within them,why is taking all and crushing those they find before them so important?

    My hands tremble with the hurt of those proud of their destruction, they preen and coo about the victories against a People who trusted,sweet words they spoke to get their way then broke every single promise.

    Treaties made were empty words made by these guided by the coyote,oh,how they laughed as we died and only wished we suffered more and now brag about their glories.

    They cry and complain that their kind fell beneath the wrath of Earths protectors,if they had not come and told their lies they would still be living in Europe,and my People would have never needed to defend against them.

    Once here they gain the trust of those they needed to survive and then turned on them to slaughter,genocide most foul was their game Manifest Destiny their defense for their treachery.

    Now they are not satisfied and try to say they are us,they weep and moan and wish to own the whole earth and her Peoples,murder was not good enough and now they sell our Spirits!


When asked at the military inquiry why children had been killed, one of the soldiers quoted Chivington as saying, "NITS MAKE LICE." 


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