Thursday, March 20, 2008

Buffalohair THE CHINA SYNDROME, Tibet or Bust


Expeditiously and stealthfully China brought troops into Tibet to “quell” the disturbance with them pesky Buddhist Monks. All news from Lhasa, Tibet has been silenced or severely muffled by Chinese censors. Official Chinese reports claim 13 to 24 casualties by the hand of angry mobs while many protesters surrendering to authorities. But eye witnesses, photos and video smuggled out of country already tell of over 100 deaths by the hand of Chinese Security Forces since the March 10th Offensive began. Authorities have been conducting house to house searches for demonstrators and dissidents then arresting them. And China’s true nature was reveled, again. But it was not the nature of the people; it was the nature of the regime.

The West looked to China for leadership and positive solutions for Darfur and Burma’s plight. But China dashed any hopes for peaceful intervention by introducing their own particular brand of inhumanity. They killed and incarcerated their way into the hearts of Tibetan’s during the past week. Only after the news blockade is lifted will the totality of China’s insurgency be known to the rest of the world. At present, reports from within Tibet are grim at best as security forces clamp down on civil liberties and human rights. It is a very uneasy time for western journalist within Tibet’s borders. The eye of the junta is on them and their every move. Some journalists have been detained while others found contact with the outside world difficult if not impossible at times. Monks and students fare a much darker fate indeed.

China has turned a deaf ear to the cries of human beings for the sake of natural resources in both Darfur and Burma. Ethnic cleansing has become an art form for both the Sudanese and Burmese military governments. Rape and murder as well as systematic genocide are their calling card. It is beyond obvious that China is their financier and silent partner. China has gleaned a handsome profit from their investment in death. With the prize of gas, oil, gold, emeralds, uranium, produce plus a myriad of textiles and other natural resources. Sudan and Burma are cash cows for the Corporate Communist Empire of China and it’s all about the money.

The Olympic Games and the very location of the arenas are drenched with human suffering and murder since 1.5 million people were displaced with no compensation. Some lost their lives in the process. Don’t you find it odd the U.S. Olympic Players will not be allowed to eat Chinese food or drink their water? But the general public in the U.S. must eat Chinese food; buy Chinese cloths and products in spite of all the recalls. How many infants’ toys need to be recalled before we figure it out? Gads, the children’s toy that produced the “date rape” drug when mixed with saliva was the one that really got my attention. How could that be an accident? The Olympics should be called the Corporate Games since it’s all about corporation’s world wide and not the nations that used to take precedent. Humanity and the “spirit of fair play” have disappeared for the sake of corporate profits at the expense of the voiceless villagers.

The Olympic Torch burns bright for China and there is good reason fore it is fueled from the rendered oil of human suffering.

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