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Win Tin 30, (Annul), National League for Democracy, died from the ravages of Tuberculosis needlessly. He was left to fend for himself within the confines of Tharrawaddy Prison, Burma. Officials ignored pleas for medical assistance from him, his family and friends. Win slowly and painfully decomposed before their very eyes over a period of six years until his death on March 6, 2008. Known for his courage and his "afraid of nothing" attitude, Auunl died defiant but drowned in his own blood in the process. As horrific and isolated this case may seem it’s only a small glimpse into Burma’s Penal Chamber of Horrors.


Hkun Htun Oo 64, Leader of Shan Nationalities League for Democracy, is one of many other Shan leaders incarcerated in Putao Prison Northern Kachin State. His condition is grave fore he is rapidly dying from untreated diabetes. Along with his diabetes Hkun has developed a serious prostate condition. With the possibility of prostate cancer and knowing this disease will receive no medical attention either. The forecast for this noble champion of his people is bleak at best. A horrifically painful and morbidly cruel death will be Hkun’s final memory from his tenure on Earth. The Shan community world wide is vehemently requesting his release but their cries fall on ambivalent government ears. Mesmerized by morbid curiosity, the world observes in ghoulish pallor.


Throughout the Burmese prison system political prisoners are left to die from a host of conditions. From medical to mental disease political prisoners are denied the basics of care. They are ear marked for death in this ghoulish example of eugenics and biological warfare. It should be no surprise this regime use disease to its advantage. In essence it is a death sentence for anyone who dares to speak out. The Union Solidarity Development Association (USDA) is fast becoming the new face of the "Thought Police". It is gaining notoriety as a ruthless group of thugs who monitor all that is said. If you talk in your sleep, dreams will get you arrested. It is inevitable whence you become a political detainee in Burma’s prisons you will become a dead man walking.


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