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As the citizenry of Burma brace for more friendly persuasion tactics by jovial junta officials. The clear need of UN Observers is plain to see. Fact is, there should be an army of observers at this time. It’s nothing short of strong arm politics as usual for the criminal military junta.

Strong arm tactics as well as Mafia style intimidation has already permanently tainted this so called Constitutional Referendum. Likened to a kangaroo court or hanging judge mentality the Constitutional Referendum will be voted in but not from a free thinking society. Rather, it will be voted in by a population who has been intimidated by government and party officials. The consequences are grim if you vote against it.

Three businessmen were arrested by “Thought Police” (USDA) Union Solidarity and Development Association, for simply making a humorous statement about the Governments Constitutional Referendum. The possibility of a 20 year prison sentence looms over their blatant act of free speech if they are charged under Decree 5/96. It is illegal to speak about the Constitutional Referendum anyway. Fact is it’s forbidden to speak about almost anything.

To insure there is no negative commentary what so ever, the junta crime bosses ordered families and associates of 88 Generation Students members arrested as well. Thanda Win, wife of Mya Aye, a leader of the 88 Generation Students group; Hla Moe, husband of 88 group member Mie Mie; Kanet, brother of Marky, an 88 group member; Naing Htwe and May Mie Lwin are the latest victims. Along with about 20 political prisoners, 88 Generation Students leaders Min Ko Naing, Ko Ko Gyi and Pyone Cho are among the college kids facing 20 years in prison for daring to speak out. According to my friend Myat Ko, political prisoners are tortured weekly. He was tortured for 6 years. Let us not forget the 97 political prisoners who’ve simply vanished. This is the real road map to reform, death to all opposition.

The defection of two Burmese child soldiers brought knowledge the Burmese Junta may be using chemical/biological weapons against the ethnic people of Burma. The children gave detailed information about their training and handling of hazardous chemical/biological weapons. With this in mind it is not hard to see why I find it very odd Mon villagers are in the midst of a cholera outbreak. I find it convenient to say the least. That is one way to fix an election, simply contaminate all opposition with disease. As we all know or should know, anything goes for the military junta in Burma. With a policy of killing all witnesses the jungle holds many secrets but some are coming to light.

With all the guards watching over Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s house you’d think this neighborhood was reasonably safe. But for the Figi Coffee Shop owner and his 5 guests who lived in this community death found them. It was only coincidental the coffee shop was a popular watering hole for opposition activists. They were shot execution style in the backs of their heads only a stones throw from Suu Kyi’s home. Just a fluke, intimidation or was it just elimination? In all reality it was assassination at the hands of military hit men.

In direct defiance of all that is junta, Mandalay Monks have gone on the offensive. Their position on the Constitutional Referendum is simple, “VOTE NO!” The All Burma Monks Alliance has issued a harsh and pointed rebuttal to the governments Constitutional Referendum, “We condemn the junta decrees because they wipe out people’s desires and prolong the military rule in the country,” In the ancient city of Amarapura posters are appearing that read, “Killer Than Shwe”, “Free Burma”, “Free Daw Aung Suu Kyi” and one more poignantly read, “If your head is on fire, only you will die. If you endorse the constitution, the next generation will also die.” We can only pray this will not end in blood shed like September did.

Hopefully Gambari will find the need to have outside observers during the election process. And hopefully there will be UN Troops to safeguard all the citizenry who votes on this so called Constitutional Referendum. If it does not pass, people will be executed for failing to vote as ordered, simple as that.

According to the Karen; “If the blood shed does not stop there will soon be no more Karen people” The plight of all ethnic Burmese and those who oppose the military junta also share this fate. Only after all opposition is murdered and left in the jungle to rot, peace will befall Burma because sadly everyone will be dead.

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