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I’ve been very quiet about the political circus that prevails here in the good ole USA. Then I heard American talk show host Rush Limbaug’s blatantly racial and gender commentary alluding to the notion a woman or African American could not possibly be presidential material. I found it patently offensive, racist and bigoted. Though I’m no fan of any of the candidates I found Slimeball’s actions during the Democratic Primaries revolting and an affront to the whole democratic process. It’s my right not to like candidates and it’s my right not to vote for them but it’s no ones right to “rig” an election.

On his show he promoted “rigging” the votes in Texas and Ohio only for the sake of disrupting the election. Though his scheme only garnered a 9% influence on the total votes cast it still was a broad side assault to the electoral process and democracy. Further, it was an act of electoral terrorism since it was a direct assault on the will of the voting people. In essence it was an assault on the Constitution of the United States of America. AND, for all intents and purposes he promoted terrorism as defined under the new Homeland Security Laws enacted by George W. Bush. Rush Limbaug crossed the line and should face the same scrutiny Ron Imus and Dwayne Chapman had to endure for their lack of good judgment. Rush Limbaug promoted criminality and should be made accountable for his actions against the United States of America. What is good for the goose is good for the gander eh. Fact is, Rush should face a trial.

With nations struggling to have a democratic and free nation such as the people of Zimbabwe, (MDC, Movement for Democratic Change) and the Free Burmese (NLD, National League for Democracy ), it is appalling an American nationally known radio icon would suggest such a criminal act on the Holy Grail of true Democracy, the right to vote. Rigging any election is a crime and in this case it is a crime against the people of the United Stares of America regardless of political persuasion. It was an assault on the core tenet of a democratic society. What is the point of voting if someone rigs an election? Sounds like something the Military Junta of Burma is trying to do with their Constitutional Referendum, “rig an election”.

Maybe Rush should go to the National Cemetery. He can view the grave markers of all the men and women who gave their lives to protect the right to vote and the Constitutional process. He should visit with refugees from the world of terror and listen to their tales of human suffering at the hands of dictators who’ve rigged elections. Then maybe he will realize how reprehensible his actions were. He undermined the will of the voting people and denied them the right to be heard and their votes counted in a democratic fashion.

His support for everything King George W. Bush does should speak for itself. George managed to side step the Constitution and the Bill of Rights by passing executive orders giving him supreme rule both inside and outside our borders. With total disregard for the core tenets of this nation GW single-handedly torpedoed American Democracy and Rush was by his side. Silly me, there is no American anymore for it is now called the “North American Union” or did you hear about this yet? It’s the by-product of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. You know, the Corporate Trade Agreement that sent millions of Canadian and American jobs to third world countries while lining the pockets of corporations, at the expense of the people of course. If you read the fine print of NAFTA you’d discover this agreement also dissolves national sovereignty for the sake of commerce. Yup, it’s all about the money Paisan.

In light of this then maybe Rush is actually a patriot and a hero for the new North American Union and corporations fore his act of electoral terrorism has tainted American Democracy in the worst way.

Maybe someone should drop a dime on Rush to his advertisers and the EIB Network. It worked on Ron Imus and Dwayne Chapman for their lack of judgment. Their crimes palled in comparison to Rush’s act of racial/gender bigotry and terrorism. What ever…………..

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