Friday, March 7, 2008



The National League for Democracy and the people of Burma lost another son this week. Annul (Win Tin), 30, NLD member and political prisoner died from treatable tuberculosis 8 years into his 24 year prison sentence. “Activities destructive to the stability of the regime” was his crime. Incarcerated in Tharrawaddy Prison, Pegu Division since 1999, Annul was diagnosed with TB in 2002 yet he was refused medical treatment. He was made to die a slow and agonizing death with the progression of the disease. It was a 6 year struggle to breathe while living with excruciating pain. Eventually he drowned in his own blood. Annul’s fight for democracy was over.

Since he was a political prisoner he still got his weekly torture session from military junta handlers. Coughing endlessly for weeks at a time was the norm for untreated TB. Annul’s chest wrenched in pain while lungs convulsed and filled with blood on a daily basis. There was no relief for his suffering and pleads from his family members were simply ignored by prison officials. The joys of government sponsored torture and the expertise they exercised added to his weekly experience, there is no question. Such is life for political prisoners held in bondage by the Burmese Military Junta.

There is equality in Burmese prisons since all prisoners are left to die or disappear like 97 political prisoners managed to do. They just disappeared; hopefully their deaths were quick and not mired in morbid blood letting likened to Vlad the Impaler or the Spanish Inquisition. Joseph “Mr. Zyklon B” Goebles was not shy about the pleasures of human suffering and death either eh. My personal favorite was George Armstrong Custer and his merry band of butchers and rapists.

Annul was an NLA member since he was a teen. He dedicated his life to his people, beloved Burma and Democracy. Truly a patriot and a warrior he was known to be “Afraid of Nothing” and knew the risks he took. Than Shwe and his thugs only took Annul’s life but they could not break his spirit or take democracy and freedom out of his soul. He died a martyr in the battlefield of ideology for the Burmese People and the struggle for democracy. He left behind a wife, family and friends who will always cherish his memory. The NLA lost another brother and champion. Annul (Win Tin) will be remembered as a patriot and a hero.

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