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With May just around the corner Brig-Gen Thein Zaw, Minister of "Double Speak" and Communications along with the Union Solidarity Development Association (USDA) has stepped up their coercion and blatant intimidation tactics. No tribe, clan or villager has been spared from the on slot of Junta thugs as they force the populous to agree with the Constitutional Referendum. From bribery to beatings, the junta has pulled out all the stops.


Knowing the bloody alternative if they do not agree, citizens are forced to sign agreements assuring a positive vote on the bogus constitution. Their reward, maybe the government will promise them a phone or possibly not shut off electricity to the community. But the catch all favorite of Junta officials is sparing the lives of family members. Death is always the ultimate consequence for any infraction of iron rule. If you're a villager living in the jungle you are most likely murdered, your women raped to death and your village erased in a hale of explosions and dense smoke. The atrocities from within the jungles are beyond imagination. Your lucky if the military only kills the chief of a village to win votes for the referendum.


With the price of human life set at $6 by junta officials, eugenics is the most economical solution. It is cheaper to kill you if you don't agree. The lush green forests of Burma fertilized in human blood. The streets of the cities flow like rivers of despair for the vast majority of the population. The Constitutional Referendum has become a curse for the common man. The mere mention of the referendum could place you in jail indefinitely. With a proverbial gun pointed to your head you vote yes. If you vote no they pull the trigger. And it's business as usual for the military junta of Burma.


Suspected 88 Generation Students members and associates are silently being rounded up along with others who oppose or make mention of the Constitutional Referendum. The execution of Suu Kyi's neighbors was a thinly veiled threat to all opposition. The notion such a heavily guarded place such as Suu Kyi's compound or adjoining neighborhood would be the scene of a house invasion is beyond stupid. It was also coincidence the executed parties were pro NLD. Burma is a nation in bondage where thoughts can get you incarcerated and a 'no vote' on the referendum could possibly get you and your family killed. Then here sits this so called Constitutional Referendum with a special Suu Kyi section that forbids her from anything political. No good ever came of evil and the Constitutional Referendum is no exception to this rule.


Well yea got to give ole Ibrahim Gambari credit since he did suggest the use of observers to oversee the voting process. But there is no question Gambari felt the heat when Brig Gen Kyaw Hsan gave him a piece of his mind. Hsan made it perfectly clear to the UN envoy the Burmese Government was completely capable of running their own elections. He also found it offensive that Gambari ran his mouth to other countries about Burmese business and he did not appreciate it one bit. Further, Hsan accused Gambari of a breach of trust for reveling contents of his November visit with Suu Kyi. He warned Gambari that if he kept speaking to western nations and bringing their suggestions to these discussions that Gambari's role as "impartial advisor" would be held in close scrutiny by the Burmese government. It was not a sunny day for the UN envoy.


On the other side of the coin is this giant military leader and iron fisted ruler of Burma, Snr-Gen Than Shwe. With death squads, assassination teams and a legion of soldiers at his disposal Shwe refuses to speak with Aung San Suu Kyi until she stops this "confrontational attitude" What is wrong with this picture? Suu Kyi is a beautiful but slight woman. Surely ole Buba Shwe is not frightened of a tiny little woman. The Constitutional Referendum will not mask the reality of his bloody regime and isolating Suu Kyi will not stop the voice of freedom.


Since the general election in 1990 where the vote of the people was ignored as the world watched, I doubt the junta learned the error of their ways. With monks already in the sights of the USDA it is only a matter of time before more blood is spilled. And to think global corporations are invested in this holocaust. Hmm, who might they be eh? Who are the co sponsors of death and oppression? Are we inadvertently financing the Military Junta of Burma by supporting these Global Corporations? Well thanks to "The Burma Campaign" of the United Kingdom there is a current list of corporations you might find interesting. They call it "The Dirty List". It should be called the murderers list because these companies make a profit at the expense of human suffering. Their money is tainted with the blood of a dying nation. Here is the web sight;

Your Devil's Advocate


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He added the Dirty list .....

Olympic corporate sponsors.
See List Here
General Electric
Johnson & Johnson

Non US-based:
Atos Origin
BHP Billiton
Omega Watches
Haier Group
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial International
Tsingtao Brewery Co., LTD
BHP Billiton
Bank of China
China Network
Communications Group Corporation
China Petrochemical Corporation