Sunday, April 20, 2008

Buffalohair HEARTLAND


Ah yes, nothing like traveling through the heartland of the good ole USA to stimulate me and my stories. Remember when Obama made a statement about people being bitter and all? Well he only touched the tip of the proverbial ice berg with that statement eh. Bitter is an understatement fore the real phrase should be “pissed off” and pissed off big time and not just in Pennsylvania.

In my travels through the continental United States I’ve interviewed people from all colors and persuasions lately and they ALL are dismayed and disgusted. It is not hard to see that this is more a general consensus of the population as a whole and not that which is being portrayed by the main stream media. Of course we all know the main stream media is ALL controlled by, you guessed it, conglomerate corporations, lock, stock and tomahawk. So in all actuality the world is hearing a bogus lie for it is not the voice of the vast majority of America. It is the voice of the absolute minority who are gleaning the handsome profit from this New World Order.

In speaking with my European friends I’ve noticed the riots in France and other places are barely mentioned if at all. Nothing is being said about the plight of the Basques in Spain for instance. Burma and its absolute savagery against the Burmese population is a non issue. The struggle of the Native’s throughout the America’s is non existent and Africa is of no concern what so ever. The vast majority of the world is in total chaos as corporate rule takes over. And yes folks, it’s all about the money Paisan, Capice? It’s all about the corporate bottom line and we the people of the world are simply slaves to this new form of world domination. The main stream media keeps painting a picture of “all is nice” and artificially keeping isolated all the turmoil that has ensued since corporate rule has taken the scepter of power, like the thieves in the night.

American’s with 401 K’s are watching helplessly as their entire retirement fund disappears. People are losing their homes at a rate that over shadows the devastating Depression of 1929. Jobs have been sent to third world nations for cheap slave labor with no environmental laws or restrictions. But the media sticks to a script manufactured by the corporate rules that’ve enslaved a planet.

Coming from “Third World America”I already see the handwriting on the wall. It’s already a done deal and now the world faces the very same plight as we did. In all actuality I should buy stocks in Duct Tape and wire cloths hangers fore the rest of the world will soon learn to live like us Native’s in the America’s do. Maybe I should write a book in surviving the world depression that has long since taken hold. It would be a number one best seller if only people had the cash to buy my publication. And of course I would be hard pressed to find a publishing company who would dare to defy the corporate powers that own all the major publishing houses.

The word “Depression” comes into the conversation whenever I speak to the people I meet in America, every time. Not once does anyone say “Recession”. I spoke with a couple who was traveling in a used rental truck they purchased with the few dollars they had left after they lost their house. All of their worldly possessions were onboard and they were toting a “vintage” 1990’s car that contained their plants. I took notice of them in a parking lot of a lavish casino in Las Vegas. They were selling off some of their possessions to fund their journey to one of their parents home back east (gas money). Like the other people I’ve met on the road, they shared this look of shock as they told of their plight. Yes, they were college educated and once held fanciful jobs and lived in plush surroundings only to find they are homeless. They are the voiceless victim’s of corporate greed. You can bet your bottom dollar their plight is not an isolated one fore this is the hidden America the world is not allowed to see.

If you are not aware, casinos provide parking to big rigs and motor home travelers. This is becoming a port of call for the homeless travelers. According to security people I’ve spoken to, people are allowed to park for a maximum of 2 weeks then they must move on. Walmart parking lots also provide a place to park as well. As time wears on it will become more and more apparent to the general public that all is not well. The media will no longer be able to provide a smoke screen.

One day soon the information super highway will be silenced as corporate rule quashes the free flow on information world wide. The excuse will be to fight terrorism but in all reality it will be to silence journalists such as myself as we report the true state of affairs on this planet. There are bills before congress to stop the free flow of information as we speak and other nations are doing just the same. So be prepared for yet another Orwellian turn of events, all for the sake of corporations that have taken over the governments of the world.

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