Monday, April 7, 2008

This has got to stop! Attacks on Native American Indian women!

Sexual Abuse of Native American WomenOne in three Native American women will be raped in her lifetime. ... Yet her rape and murder remained uninvestigated until this story was aired on NPR. ...  - 13k -

Sexual Abuse of Native American Women
Ron His Horse Is Thunder, chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, says that as long as the tribe must depend on the federal government to police and prosecute people on their own land, anyone who comes to Standing Rock may well be able to rape or assault women and get away with it.
(Photo: Amy Walters)

One in three Native American women will be raped in her lifetime. This two-part series tells the story behind this shocking statistic — a story of both human tragedy and  systematic failure of criminal justice on and off of reservations.  This series led to the reopening of a sexual assault case, Congressional hearings, and the launching of a website to manage donations to help sexual assault victims living in the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

Part One: Rape Cases on Indian Lands go Uninvestigated

Laura Sullivan reports from Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on the story of Leslie Ironroad. Five years ago, Ironroad was brutally beaten and raped. Before slipping into a coma and dying, she managed to scratch out a statement for a Bureau of Indian Affairs policeman who came to question her in the hospital. Yet her rape and murder remained uninvestigated until this story was aired on NPR. As Sullivan reports, Ironroad's story is typical rather than exceptional.

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Part Two: Legal Hurdles Stall Rape Cases on Native Lands

Sullivan investigates the legal system that has failed to respond to sexual assault cases like Leslie Ironroad's. She finds a convoluted system: tribal police can't charge non-Indians with crimes, while the US Attorney's office, which can, rarely does. The result is what one tribal police chief calls "almost a lawless community."

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Ok then stop it!
Congress Moves to Protect Native Women From AssaultJul 26, 2007 ... "American Indian and Alaska Native women are living in a virtual war zone, where rape, abuse and murder are commonplace and sexual predators ...  - 19k -

Why do I bring this subject up again?

VERY sad news to release about the missing 6Nations young woman.
In a message dated 4/6/2008 4:04:53 P.M. Central Daylight Time, bluejay@3riversdbs. net writes:
To all of you who helped spread the word about our missing 6Nations sister, Tashina Cheyenne Vaughn General, I just got a message from a relative in Canada and said that the family had expressed the information below.

She also wished to THANK EVERYONE, who put forth all efforts at trying to find their precious young family member

I send you all here, my deepest thanks as well,

"sad to report...... ... She was found raped and murdered two hours ago ....
family would like to express their kind thanks to all that sent this around......
pass this along....... .
Prayers for the family requested"

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