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With little more than gender and race separating the three candidates in America’s Presidential Election it is only obvious that corporations are financing them all. Lobbyists and corporate monies are shaping the outcome of the election no matter who wins the draw. There is no question the top priority will not actually be social concerns and the quality of life for all American’s.

But if you did vote for one of the Three Stooges chances are some ‘Super Delegate’ would vote for the money. What the hell is a super delegate anyway? I can just imagine how difficult it is for a third world nation to figure out their new found democracy with America ever changing the rules about their own democratic process. Everyone cheats now-a-days and the rules of engagement are always changing. Zimbabwe and Zambia are clear evidence of sore looser syndrome and other third world nations are following suite as well. It is funny how the main stream media has little to say about the elections in South America eh. Seems elections in that region buck the corporate system and voice the will of the people. Dare I mention how the Military Junta of Burma has padded the voting process by including under age children? Oh about 30,000 under age children have been added who incidentally are members of the ruthless Union Solidarity Development Association. That’s right Than Shwe, we are paying attention to every detail of your corrupt and bogus Constitutional Referendum. Hopefully the Three Stooges, John, Hillary and Barak don’t get any ideas.

Sadly its only a matter of time before one of these talking heads calls a foul and the election and the electoral process is called into question. It will be more of a distraction or smoke screen anyway. Seems the only time the Constitution is honored is when it is advantageous to some political official or corporations. The rest of its contents are not valid if it interferes with commerce and the New World Order. President Bush made paper air planes out of the pages of the Constitution and passed illegal Executive Orders in defiance of the Constitution as it is. But we the people simply sat by counting our chips or worried about Paris Hilton’s fashion statement.

Guess I should not give a flying crappola about this bogus election and the corrupt electoral process. AndI should not give a hill of beans about how the corporate world has pulled the ultimate fast one on the public as a whole, world wide. Why should I anyway? As far as the Indigenous population is concerned, we are a non entity and more a curio to be passed around at luncheons and cotillions. It makes me barf every time someone asks me to give them an “Indian Name” or if I can play the “Tom Tom”, gads.

The Constitution, what a piece of work it is I might add. But sadly the ink was not even dry and the new American’s were killing us off like flies. It would have been wonderful to have lived in harmony with these new folks from Europe. The Constitution was well written and spoke of rights and all the trimmings that would have made any nation proud and truly free. For all intents and purposes the Indigenous population was more of a burden and an eye sore to these people. We were not considered human until 1918 when the US Cavalry stopped buying robbed Native skulls to give to scientists who were struggling to find proof we were sub human.

For the most part we live in sub human conditions while our natural resources are robbed without compensation, our people are still dying from the effects of despair and abject poverty. You must realize not everyone has bustling casinos and lucrative tribal industries. For the most part we are the secret “Third World” within the borders of the United States of America. Our people die from diseases others can buy a pill to cure; our health care is in shambles as well as our educational process and opportunity. This cancer is spreading throughout the United States as we speak. Corruption has come full circle and now others are joining the ranks of the ignored and displaced. The only color of concern is green, the color of money.

Like the Karen of Burma, we are being systematically killed off, one person at a time. It’s a long and slow death I might add. Ambivalence has become the weapon of choice. Pretend they are not there and maybe they will go away. The joke on the rez is that if a depression was to hit America once again someone would have to come and tell us since we would not know the difference. Living in squalor has its advantages since we already know how to live with nothing. We’ve mastered living with fetid water and cholera infested blankets. We’ve mastered living in houses without electricity and heat and we’ve mastered the use of Duct Tape and metal cloths hangers. But the media at large says nothing about our plight, not a peep.

The core of this cancerous dysfunctional behavior is corporate greed. They are the ones who lust for natural resources around the world. From the Shoshone to the Karen tribal people are under siege by mega corporations like Chevron Oil who rob their sacred sites of gold, emeralds, oil and a host of natural resources. In some nations tribal people are killed on site other nations simply ignore them to a fault. The media at large are owned by these conglomerates so the ears of the world are muffled by nonsense rather than reality.

As the price of food rises beyond affordability world wide the reality of corporate greed begins to show its ugly face. People will starve to death because oil companies decided to run for the gold. The world has become a “puppet regime” for the corporate buck. Presidents and Kings are nothing more than lobbyists and front men for the will of corporations. Follow the money Paisan, read it and weep fore we are living in a time where corruption and greed has become the rule of the land. Talk about organized crime. John Gotti and the boys look like school kids in comparison to corporations. What ever, as if anyone pays attention anyway.

And the band played on.

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