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With the realization that most of the urban water supplies are sugar coated with drugs that have passed through the intestines of previous drinkers, I have to laugh. This is way too funny, but the stark reality of the chemicals is not. The reality is that many people are on psycho active drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, Thorazine and the like. With chemical companies boasting astronomical figures of their use everyone is being sedated by mind altering drugs. Small wonder King George W. Bush failed to address this issue fore this was known way before these drugs were discovered a few short weeks ago.

Call it the Ka Ka Water Conspiracy if you will. And there is more. Fluoride has been in most municipalities for several generations already. The reasoning for the addition of fluoride was to help fight tooth decay. But knowing the government as it truly is this was a bold faced lie since dental care or any health care clearly was not on their agenda from the start. If so, America would have had socialized medicine long ago.

The realities of fluoride date back to Stalin, Hitler and other totalitarian regimes. Its use in drinking water was not to fight tooth decay but to alter the minds of its drinkers. It’s always been known that it induced lethargy and complacency. It was first used in the drinking water of prisoners for behavior control. Later it was used to control the masses.

With well over 200,000 tons of fluoride added to the current American drinking supply annually as well as all the things on our stores shelves, we’ve become a sedated nation. Add all the psycho active drugs recently discovered and there you have it, the perfect stew for building a complacent and lethargic population. Lab rats became so docile there were no Alpha males anymore. They simply lost their will and had no spirit. In humans, prisoners became so docile they did anything they were told without any questioning or resistance.

Look all around you and see what is going on in this nation as we speak. Things are completely out of control in government while King George throws the Constitution out the window. Criminality by government officials are only news items and quickly forgotten as a medicated society simply says “Oh well”. Then they forget everything that happened the next day. Everyone is complacent and does as they are told regardless of what it is. We do as we are told while the elite class drinks bottled water since ours is poisoned.

Major international conglomerate corporations such as Alcoa, Pharmacia, GE Health Care, Ningbo Yadong Chemical LTD, Excel Water Technologies, and corporations on the Fortune 500 list are in on the fluoride conspiracy. They boast sky rocketing profits from the manufacture and distribution of this mind altering drug in many forms to the world. This also has become the perfect marketing tool since the minds of the consumers have become putty and easily influenced into buying their other products regardless of need or consequence. So why do people buy the things they do? They have no choice since they were told to. Their will to reason and discern has been destroyed or severely altered by the collective use of fluoride in the drinking supplies in America and other nations who have chosen to control the minds of the masses.

I call it the lemming mentality since individuality and the free spirit has been destroyed for the most part. Complacency has become the rule of the day and people just do as they are told. They buy what they are told to and do as corrupt government officials tell them. Of course it’s all about the money and the bottom line when we look at this closely. Rulers can side step the established laws of the land and this is a windfall for the corporate.

Then we come to the Ka Ka Water Conspiracy that was recently uncovered. It was always known that chemicals simply pass through the body and it was always known purification techniques used in the sewage treatment did not remove these pesky chemicals people passed through their bodies. The fact we live in the Prozac nation was a blessing to our corrupt leader King George and he truly benefited from our drugged state. If we were not drugged into complacency he would have been impeached long ago as well as the rest of our corrupt leadership.

Hitler and Stalin would be proud of what this world has come to. Corporatism and its New World Order have the perfect weapon and they are boldly using it in the face of a docile and complacent society.

Boy, am I glad I live up stream in the Rockies eh. At the very least I am drinking water that passed through deer, elk and an occasional moose. Drinking water from the butt’s of millions, what a thought.

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