Saturday, April 19, 2008

Schools project for Earth Day! Earth Day Groceries Project

Earth Day Groceries Project

To bad they are not full of food to the poor!


Dear Educators,
You and your schools are invited to participate in the eighth annual Earth Day Groceries Project! This activity is coordinated entirely on the Internet. There is no cost, the rewards are many, and registration is not
necessary. This project is a sure-fire way to increase environmental awareness at your school, empower your students as teachers, and build strong community ties. It all happens on Earth Day, April 22nd.

Visit the completely redesigned website for complete information: Read through some of the thousands of inspirational reports. Look at pictures of students working on and proudly displaying their Earth Day Grocery Bags. Pick up the online Starter Kit. Find out why so many schools have made this activity an annual schoolwide event. Below are the Four Simple Steps from the project web site:

  • 1. Borrow. Contact a local grocery store that uses large paper grocery bags. See if the manager will let you "borrow" enough bags so that each student in your school can decorate one. Let the manager know about the project and its environmental education message, of course! Grocers usually get these bags in bundles of 500.
  • 2. Decorate. Have students at school decorate the bags with pictures of the earth, environmental messages, the name of your school, etc. Be creative! DO NOT allow students to write their last names on any bags.
  • 3. Deliver. A couple of days before Earth Day you and/or your students return the decorated bags to the grocery store - with many thanks to the manager! The store then distributes these bags (full of groceries) to happy and amazed shoppers on Earth Day.
  • 4. Report. Fill out the report form on the project web site to document your schools commitment to caring for our world on Earth Day. Please, only one report per school. All reports will be posted on the Earth Day Groceries web site at

The Earth Day Groceries Project is one of the oldest and largest educational activities on the Internet. Begun in 1994 with a simple email invitation that attracted a handful of schools, it now involves hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren, grocers, and consumers around the world annually. Now operated as a nonprofit 501(c3) organization, the project is still run by its founder, Mark Ahlness, a third grade teacher in Seattle Washington.

Remember, you do not need to sign up or register, just have a great time with the project! Happy Earth Day, 2008

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