Thursday, April 24, 2008

Buffalohair Food Shortage Hits American Shores


Food Shortage Hits American Shores

What was once thought to be an Asia issue, rice shortage, has hit California, New York and New England as shopper's line up at markets to buy rice. Some stores are considering rationing the commodity as panicked shoppers buys hundreds of pounds of rice at a time. Some call it sticker shock since the looming rice shortage has increased the price of this once cheap food stuff.


Flour is also coming into short supply as feverish shoppers but up this commodity as well. As we all know, corn has taken a major hit since it is now targeted for ethanol fuel. Corn, the staple of feed for livestock, is increasing in value hence the rise in meat costs. Meat has taken a hit do to the rising cost of fuel, fact is all food items have taken a major hit as the corporate world puts a strangle hold on farmer's and rancher's pocket book across America and Canada. And there is no question it is affecting farmer's world wide.


Across the globe food riots are becoming a common occurrence as the hungry struggle to buy food stuffs that are now in short supply. The price of corporate greed is starvation for many within the third world nations. Yet fuel prices break records everyday. The total disregard for the environment from corporations has become the death nil for bread baskets around the world. Climatic change has taken a more virulent role in weather patterns.


Ah but who is paying attention anyway? The rush for rice is on, so what? Well, climatic change is already affecting the lives of millions with failed crops. It's bound to get worse as time wears on fore this is only the beginning I fear. Mark my words, "There will be a food shortage in your community sooner than you think" It's only a matter of time.


You have to wonder though. Is this just an elaborate way of ridding the world of pesky poor and indigenous folks? What a diabolical exercise in Eugenics this would be. The advantages would be priceless to the multi national conglomerates (New World Order) that are lusting for the natural resources many of these third world people live on. Corporatists can simply starve to death the annoying indigenous population who hinder their lucrative bottom line. Without wasting precious money on bullets and having to find an "excuse" for killing them, they can reap their bounty. And it's all about the money Paisan.


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