Monday, April 21, 2008



While the world ponders how to convince China, the real power behind the Corrupt Military Junta of Burma, to stop the blood shed the environment has been ignored. Deforestation has destroyed the soil with unchecked erosion. Putrid water littered with garbage and industrial waste line many waterways. And the total break down of medical services as well as other environmental and health issues has made this nation ripe for disease and pestilence on a grand scale.

Of course world wide conglomerates who’ve also enjoined in raping this nation of its natural resources share the blame. China has reaped most of the benefits from the wholesale robbery of this nation but the corporate world also shares in the total disregard for Burma’s environment and the enslaved people within her borders.

It’s absolutely disgusting to review the photos smuggled out of country showing the likes of Chevron, Daewoo and other international companies and the fetid conditions they leave in their wake. It is bad enough these companies have taken a stance of “Money before People” in their ruthless assault of natural resources. And We the People support them for their efforts. In essence we who shop and buy goods from these greedy corporations give justification and a green light, so we must share in the blame in the ecological and human disaster that is happening today in Burma.

Chevron Oil, Total Oil and a host of other companies such as Daewoo have saturated the world with their products and gleaned a handsome profit from death and disregard of the environment. Daewoo with its total disregard for the people of Burma fill the shelves of Wal-Mart and other stores with their electronic gadgets as well as fill our streets with their cars and trucks and we keep on buying them. The oil companies have the world in a strangle hold of greed as it is yet we still support them and mindlessly except their total disregard for life on this planet. How far beyond stupid have we become??? I will venture to say the Corporate Fluoride Conspiracy has made us mindless nymphs complacent and docile. We have become a world of lookie loo’s and it’s only a matter of time before we face our fate since we are making a bed that we will soon have to lay in. Cambodia has been stripped of its forests to make furniture in Europe and the US just for starters. It would appear that all these Asian countries have become the target of corporate greed since there are no checks and balances with human rights and the environment.

You can keep this Blood Olympic Games China hopes to cash in on. Their hands dripping with the blood of its own people they murdered and displace for this bogus sports event. But world wide corporations are lusting to cash in on this pocks of a sporting event. The only benefits I see in this Olympic fiasco is in identifying the corporations and businesses who are supporting these games. Let them be seen and let us identify the bed fellows of death and environmental disasters, let us see who is sponsoring the rape and murder of innocent people in Burma and the rest of Asia.

How many people must die before we finally had enough? How many forests must be destroyed before we say a word? South Asia has become a grand experiment is biological warfare and soon it will become the melting pot of incurable disease as millions die. And we the people of Earth let it happen. Buy your fetid radios and big screen TV’s from Daewoo, pump the life’s blood of a suffering people into your tank when you support one of these putrefied corporate swine. And while you’re at it enjoy your hot tub while eating cookies from Mrs. Beasley’s baked goods and toiletries, a subsidiary of Chevron by the way, and enjoy the death and destruction you have fostered. Fore it is the consumer who is footing the bill and you are it.

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