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Buffalohair GRAPES OF WRATH, 2008


As I traveled through the heartland of America these last few weeks I came to realize exactly how bad things truly are. For example I ran into a fellow near a truck stop. He was living in a Motor home and using the facilities at the truck stop, shower, rest room etc, in an effort to keep his dignity. Jobless since he was laid off and eventually ran out of unemployment insurance he lost everything, house, wife and his engineering job, poof.

With a book full of degrees he told me of a familiar plight. His company was downsizing and pulling out many of their US based operations and moving to India. With no need to worry about minimum wage, health care and environmental concerns in the third world their stocks would soar. To the chagrin of the American’s who’ve worked there for 15 to 20 years making this their entire career they simply got a pink slip and a few thousand bucks for their efforts. In a matter of a few months they were jobless and had only 18 months to find gameful employment, in this economy of ours. In essence this man, like so many others was tossed to the winds to fend for themselves. Eventually he could not make ends meet since unemployment insurance was very minimal and he could not support the lifestyle he and his family once had.

Forced to sell off his assets, stocks, bonds and almost everything he owned he eventually found himself in divorce court and lost his family as well. His now ex wife moved back in with her parents and he moved in to his Winnebago. She did not want support and fortunately for this man she only wanted to find a new life since his was now in shambles.

As I talked with this gentleman I noticed the expressions on his face. It was as if he was in a constant state of shock. His manner of speaking was as if he still could not believe this was happening to him. He kept showing me his portfolio filled with degrees and certifications; some were as recent as 3 years ago. His age was 39 and from the pictures he showed me he lived well beyond my standard of living.

Ironically he was living in the shadow of a major construction site along the US/Mexican border. I could not help but look at the stark contrast of the man speaking to me next to his motor home and a sign directly behind him purporting the expansion and development of these warehouses to accommodate NAFTA spun industries. Lavish roadways as well as elaborate street lights lined this new industrial complex and here sat an engineer who only a few months ago eagerly awaited news of a promotion.

I also talked with a truck driver at this location. He was in a similar plight since he lost everything except his truck and was breaking even with most of his hauls do to the price of diesel fuel. He and his wife were literally living in their truck since they no longer had a place to call home. It was foreclosed a few months back. I noticed other campers and cars filled with household items so it was not hard to see that these people were some of the “New Homeless” as well. They just did not have that casual KOA Campground look about them. They shared a look of desperation and shock. On the highway I noticed more hitchhikers with boxes of their belongings. Some even had signs asking for a job. But the saddest thing I saw was a family of four living in their Ford Tempo. It was pulling a small pop up trailer. They were trying to find money to buy diapers and formula.

As if it were a remake of the movie “Grapes of Wrath” I witnessed human suffering the main stream media seems to have over looked. Some people refused to speak with me and were suspicious of my intentions. But the eyes of their children told volumes of their plight and suffering. This is the real Heartland America and this is not an isolated case fore its happening all over the country. But their plight is brushed under the carpet as corporations boast of high yielding profits such as the oil companies.

What really gets my goat is the fact all these corporations are moving to third world countries. It makes a joke of the environmental movement since they simply move to countries that are exempt from the environmental mandates imposed on other nations. No need to worry about the environment in the third world, no need to have work place safety or standards, no need to pay more than 10 dollars a day for slave labor either. If there was an environmental issue they could simply buy “Carbon Credits”. Now what’s that all about eh?

But it does make for a better bottom line and it makes their stocks look more lucrative. They have rid themselves of all the labor and environmental laws in America, let alone having to deal with unions. The ugly face of Corporatism world wide is fast taking over the world and like lemmings we are being lead around by our noses while the infrastructure of the “New World Order” silently takes over the world. Soon it will be made public that American does not exist anymore since the “North American Union” has taken over. The USA lost its sovereignty many years ago under the terms of NAFTA, same as Canada and Mexico alone with other countries who’ve signed on with this new corporate rule. Europe is in the same state with this “European Union” fore all the nations have lost their sovereignty as well. Just read the fine print my European readers. It’s all about the money Paisan, It’s all about the money.

Corporations have taken over the world without firing a shot. The wholesale murder of tribal people in Burma and the world over is financed by corporations, not nations. The gleaning of natural resources is their justification in displacing or simply killing innocent people on a scale never before imagined until today.

Again I quote;

“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.”
-----Benito Mussolini

Look all around you my readers and tell me what you actually see. Corporations influence ballot boxes throughout the world as we speak. When a vote is contrary to that of corporate will the vote is ignored or the election is called a shame. The will of the people world wide has no place when corporations are concerned. There are no nations, only corporations.

Just remember what Martin Luther King once said;

“Everything Hitler did was Legal”

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