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As the world media reacts to China’s horrific actions taken against the Monks. I have to wonder why the media has not taken such a stance against the Military Junta of Burma. Clearly the people of Burma have been under siege for about 50 years as Than Shwe and his merry band of thugs killed their way into the hearts of millions.

The Karen are being murdered as well as other ethnic tribal people as we speak but not a sound from the media eh. The bogus Constitutional Referendum is up for yet another “fixed” election and will soon be the law of the land. Yet the media at large just sits there. If it were not for the free thinking people at Irrawaddy and other obscure publications true news from Burma would be non existent.

Fortunately for me I have many friends who’ve survived to tell their stories and assist me in my research. Granted they are still very fearful for their lives so I do not mention their names since it is known the Burmese Junta has agents and hit squads within the borders of the United States and other nations. From ex political prisoners to Karen refugees arriving in the United States the stories keep on coming. The picture they paint is that of total horror, rape and gruesome torture.

Now China is trying to promote their “Blood Olympic Games”. What a sham that will be since there is no question they will win the “Wholesale Murder For Fun and Profit” event only followed closely by the USA for their treatment of the Indigenous people within their borders. The African continent will be a top contender since they have many contestants as well. Dare I mention South Africa and their blood filled diamond mines? South America Countries are also in the running with their corporate sponsored elections as well as their wholesale murder of tribal people and destruction of rain forests, all for fun and profit. So now I have to reconsider if China will win hands down after all. One sure bet will be on the corporations behind the nations who chose to perpetrate these crimes against humanity. Will it be Chevron Oil, will it be Alcoa Aluminum? Maybe it will be Daewoo or Total Oil. Course it could possibly be Halliburton or Boeing. Another possibility would be within the insurance industry. Only time will tell as the true rulers of the planet finally make themselves known. And you better believe it will be a conglomerate corporation who has become the absolute ruler of the New World Order, not any nation. Nations of the world are only store fronts or masks that hide the beast within.

So I have to wonder why all the fuss about tribal people? What did these innocent people do to be targeted for death world wide? Is it because they had no use for modern ways and chose to live truly free? Just think about it, are we free anyway? I venture to state that us people living in this so called free world are not free at all. We have to pay and pay and pay. One Karen refugee told me if she knew what it really was like in this so called “Land of the Free” she would have waited to be executed by Junta Killing Squads rather than die a slow death in America. Her complaint was that she could not sit under a tree without having to pay someone for doing so. Everything had a price tag on it and you could not exist without money.

Hmm, I did not think about it before but she was absolutely right. There is no freedom anymore since ultimately we have to pay just to sit anywhere. We have to pay someone for something at any given time of day. Do the math and calculate how much you must pay just to sit on your lawn chair or even pick your nose. Do you pay $5 a day, $10 a day or even $100 a day just to be here? Ultimately the money goes to corporations since they are the bottom line in all that we do, eat or live in. The buck stops at the corporate stocks and bonds. It’s all about the money eh.

Small wonder the Indigenous people of the America’s were decimated, divided and conquered. The very notion people could live and eat free was a poisonous ideology indeed. With all that free meat running around and not having the need to buy and have “stuff” could have dashed the dreams of early industrialists for sure. How could one be rich in comparison to others if nobody cared? How could they be a class above if nobody gave a hoot about all their junk anyway? The word progress, what does it mean? Natives would have spread this axiom to the Europeans who came to this country there is no doubt. And a 1000 years of conditioning would have been lost in a matter of months to the chagrin of Ole’ Mad King George and other rulers who’ve profited over the millennia.

In a very real sense we live in a fanciful form of indentured servitude. Think about it, we are slaves and must work to have the privilege to sit under a tree or simply walk down the road. Everything has a price and the slave master uses the all mighty dollar as the new whip. If we don’t conform we are punished or imprisoned for violating corporate law. Add up your monthly household bills and divide it by the days of the month and you will discover how much you have to pay, just to sit there. If you like, divide your daily price for existence by 24 hours and you will have your hourly rate of existence. Go one more step and divide the hour and you will have the rate for the minutes you must pay. It will sicken you whence you make the realization of exactly how much you must pay to exist. And it all ultimately goes into the coffers of corporations; it’s as simple as that eh. It costs me $2.50 an hour 24 hours a day to exist here in America. How much do you pay for freedom eh?

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