Monday, May 19, 2008

Branson Guitarist LARRY KENT tribute to Mr. Guitar, Chet Atkins

A Little about Larry:

Jerry Ozee got a job at The Shoji Tabuchi Show and met Larry Kent, who played lead guitar for the show. When the two of them,  jammed together accompanied by Larry’s wife, Lori, on the bass, they discovered some magic in their efforts and as they became visible around the Branson area were surprised at how well they were received. Joining with other supporting musicians, they decided to take a run at starting a new show. They quickly contacted some key people in the business and also received the blessings of Chet’s family, and the idea of a show titled “Forever Chet” was birthed.

The Atkins String Company presents a tribute variety show in honor of the legendary Mr. Guitar, Chet Atkins. First on left is Larry Kent.

Forever Chet Band Photo

Larry Kent
Lead Guitar

Lori Kent
Bass Guitar, Vocals


Players from Branson that came to Ray's concert.
Larry Kent, Jerry Ozee, Don Holmes, Ray and Dwayne Friend.

Chet Atkins played at Carnegie Hall.  Hands down, Ray Cummins is the most practiced and accomplished "note-for-note" Chet style guitarist in the world. He has dedicated his whole life to listening to and emulating his (and, our) great hero Chet Atkins. He also was a personal friend of the late master of finger style guitar, and learned a lot of his playing techniques first hand - with Chet's blessing. And, because of this dedication, Ray has mastered the style, sound, clarity and most importantly - the feel of Chet's music.

My son met Larry Kent in Branson West, Missouri, on their last meeting where Larry was playing, He got Larry's CD and brought it home to me. "Listen to this, what do you think? Maybe you could do a feature on Larry?" But I need more info! :)

CD Album: SLEEPWALK (2006)

1. Gravel Road Rag

2. Sleepwalk

3. Someday My Prince Will Come

4. Nothin' To Do

5. To Lori

6. Strikes Twice

7.Sweet Memories

8. Listen To Her Fly

9. Nuage

10. Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Contact Larry

417 - 336 - 1491

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