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Gleefully Than Shwe counts the votes in his bogus Constitutional Referendum after taking full advantage of the enormous loss of life. Granted the dead would have voted against this fetid piece of paper anyway. But what ticks me off is the fact it took a cyclone to get the worlds attention in the first place. As usual it required dead bloating bodies in numbers hard to ignore before the main stream media addressed the brutality this military junta. Where is China and their wealth of resources in this time of crisis? Oh I guess they made nice by climbing a mountain to promote their Blood Olympics.

Before it is all said and done I venture to say at least a half million will have been killed with more to follow when disease spreads through out the population, there is no doubt. The air is thick with pestilence and disease. The putrid smell of rotting flesh is inescapable and soon another storm will add to the misery of these innocent people. Than Shwe has taken full advantage of the chaos by using donated food to promote his agenda. He’s rewarded or extorted the population into voting for this referendum. Junta thugs have taken to hi-jacking relief shipments while millions suffer with no homes or food.

His purposeful downplaying of the impending cyclone lead people to their watery grave with the blessings of China, maybe now the world will pay attention. Hmm, MAYBE. For the tribal people of Burma its death as usual. I wonder how the political prisoners have faired through this catastrophe. There is no question pro referendum thugs were given ample warning and most likely they are living it up with an abundance of supplies and food stuffs. With no watchful eye on the ballot boxes the referendum was a shoe in. After all, who could make it to the polling places with total devastation in their midst. Oh well, its all about the money anyway. Chevron, Daewoo, Total Oil and other investors of death are hurriedly making repairs to their drilling platforms to keep the gas flowing. And there sits Than Shwe, in hiding, wallowing in all that money.

The rice basket of Burma has been devastated and soon starvation will kill more and more. This will be a boom for speculators who’ve already boosted the price of rice, wheat and corn world wide. Like the oil speculators who’ve crippled economies and paralyzed nations, these stock market goons will push up prices even further. Hunger will be a marketing ploy and humanity will soon carry a price tag. It is criminality at its finest as food speculators rally to gain massive profits from hunger. Their goal will be to garner the unprecedented 250% profits like the oil companies have. All to line the pockets of the absolute minority who enjoin in profiteering from death and destruction. Of course the world will fast forget this turn of events. The march for a lucrative bottom line will over shadow the suffering of human beings. The Olympic Torch will soon shine bright in China as world corporations promote their wears to brain dead consumers. And all will be good on Wall Street.

But I just have to wonder how the growing food riots will be down played by the main stream media as a hungry world begins to revolt. Fruits and veggies are rotting in the fields in the US since they cleaned out the migrant farm workers. The quality of the produce has begun to falter as inept and inexperienced farm hands plop marginal products on the shelves. Ah but who is paying attention anyway? Soon we will reap what we sow as the price of everything we use begins to climb out of sight. Globalization has become the pocks of mankind but a boom for global corporations and this New World Order. It is only a matter of time before every nation feels the squeeze of corporate greed anyway.

My dark prediction is when people get hungry enough they will not fear bullets. Like the tales of the French Revolution, with nothing left to loose people will drag corporate goons to the gallows or stoned them to death by an angry mob. Money will become worthless to the masses and countries will aim guns at their own populous. The seeds of dissention have been planted and there is no turning back the clock fore it is only a matter of time. Oh well, let them eat cake.

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