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As we prepare to celebrate Mothers Day across the Americas and abroad, for some this is a sad time. Within the Aboriginal communities in Canada, America and Mexico sorrow fills the eyes of those who lost their beloved mothers. In Canada alone over 500 Aboriginal women have been murdered and simply came up missing in the last 20 years. This statistic is shared throughout the Northern Hemisphere. This disproportionate figure is a clear sign the conquering people of the America’s have little regard for the Native populations as a whole. Of course other social issues go unaddressed as well and the “secret third world of the America’s” struggles to exist in this ambivalent world we live.

Both Native and non Native people shared a moment in grief and anguish in downtown Edmonton Canada yesterday during the Stolen Sister Awareness Walk. Without the assistance of the callous governments as a whole, human beings decided to stage a memorial walk to remember the fallen and lost Aboriginal women of the America’s. Tearfully they walked in silent protest for the total disregard for human life in this on going tragedy.

As an Aboriginal child growing up within the borders of America I saw first hand how non Native men treated my mother. I feel fortunate my mother is still alive with all the abuse she had to endure. Respect was not an option for her and she was constantly made a target by these repugnant swine. With 7 out of 10 assaults on Aboriginal women committed by non Native men it is hard for me to be objective. But I am since I know Aboriginal men are also to blame for this crime against women. Looking past race and culture I find it absolutely appalling women of any ethnicity are simply regarded as sexual object as a whole. Wage disparities are signs women are not welcome in the “Men’s Club” of the work place and other venues of employment.

Testosterone filled world politics has left the world in one hell of a mess for centuries. Sex sells only because Wall Street has conditioned the general population to except Bimbo Based Advertising as a norm. Yup. It’s all about the money Paisan. The negative side effect has become the total disregard for women. Show some tits and ass to sell a car or buy a health product. That’s the axiom of commercial advertising. With no regard for the consequences of targeting women to sell their goods the corporate world can share the blame for the ambivalence for the concerns of women everywhere. Add the Aboriginal aspect to this equation and it is easy to see why the plight of Aboriginal women has reached astronomical proportions.

Before conquest women within Aboriginal communities were held in high esteem. They were the givers of life, keepers of the home and the back bone of villages far and wide. Tribal decisions were discussed jointly by men and women. There was balance in the decisions that were made since both viewpoints were considered. Stories from long ago told of how the women used to run the men out of the Ti Pi to hunt so the women could do the daily chores like making hides for clothing, prepare food and tend to the children. Then came conquest, liquor and the total disregard for women. Such is life eh.

I remember back in the 70’s in a major Colorado city two women were hired onto a police department. This action caused a furor in the men’s club behind the blue line. One evening one of the women officers made a call for assistance. She called and called franticly since the situation was dire. Her calls were not answered and she was subsequently beaten to death while the men of the PD drank coffee and ignored her pleads. I remember the story well since I dated the other woman officer. She also told me of other secrets behind the blue line but I will save those tidbits for another story. But this was a classic example of how ingrained this disregard for women has permeated society, even in law enforcement. Dare I mention the issue of spousal abuse within the confines of the blue line fore it is another “secret issue”.

In any event, enjoy your mother no matter what culture you hale from. Everyday should be considered Mothers Day though.

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