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Buffalohair Burma’s Shell Game

Burma’s Shell Game

Than Shwe has opened the doors for outsiders to assist his struggling nation. One must realize this Mob Boss/Military Leader does not do things for humanitarian reasons. If he did, the doors would have been opened at the very onset of this tragic disaster. The reality of his humanitarian gesture is the fact he has groomed the disaster areas for Western observers.

Villagers have been ordered by the Yayaka (Ward Peace and Development Counsel) to keep out of sight from aid workers and in many cases they have been moved around the countryside. Some have been placed in labor camps, other have been moved back to their devastated villages with no means of survival. But the final outcome was the fact these suffering people did not receive the aid the world intended them to receive.

Irrawaddy News quoted Rangoon businessman Min Zaw;

“The Yayaka drove through town and announced by loudspeaker that nobody could stay in the street,” he said. “They said that if their leaders and donors saw people living in the streets, it would hurt their dignity.”

Union Solidarity and Development Association members were busy ordering donors not to give aid directly to the people. Their reason, “it would make the refugees lazy and dependant on aid”. The reality is, the junta wants this aid for their black market sales since this is common within the borders of this morally corrupt government. According to refugees I’ve spoken to, foreign aid never goes to the people it is meant for and the public at large are resigned to this reality.

Where ever Western aid workers go to, under the watchful eye of the junta, the place has already been groomed. Only complacent pro junta victims receive aid while secretly many others are starving to death. What aid they do receive is usually rancid, old and not the fresh supplies being airlifted from donor countries.

Quietly the ethnic cleansing of the Karen people moves forward while more and more opposition leaders disappear. It is business as usual as the world is offered a smoke screen and blatant lies from this criminal military junta. The citizenry is totally terrorized by this regime since death is the rule of thumb to maintain obedience from the populous. Starving to death is a much more humane way to die since they know the junta would torturethem to death in a ghoulish act of savagery if they disobey.

It is plain as the noise on a person’s face that Than Shwe is taking full advantage of this disaster to cull the masses who’ve opposed him for so many years. It is the silent death from disease and starvation the world will not be allowed to see. Cyclone Naris has become the death sentence for all who oppose Than Shwe, it is as simple as that. Be well aware that all the aid in the world will not help those who are truly in need. And it’s a sure bet most of the aid, materials and equipment will see the black market and fill the coffers of a corrupt and criminal government. With open and greedy arms, Than Shwe is welcoming outside help. Rest assured this is a calculated move and the world is being duped. Make damn sure your donations are going directly to the people. So I advice you contact the Free Burma Rangers, The Irrawaddy and agencies they identify as non-junta. You can bet your bottom dollar Than Shwe has a few bogus agencies around the world gathering money as we speak.

Here is a good place to start;

P.O. Box 14, Mae Jo
Chiang Mai 50290

The Irrawaddy
PO Box 242 Chiang Mai University Post Office
Chiang Mai 50202

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