Thursday, May 22, 2008



Than Shwe and his merry band of thugs have taken full advantage of the chaos the cyclone has left his nation. With humanitarian aid filling the warehouses of his regime he will profit from black market sales of these goods, there is no question. His policy of distributing rancid food stuffs to villages, if at all, is common place. Why should he reward those who oppose him? So the great deception continues as millions continue to suffer. Now he wants 11 million dollars cash in aid. Guess he can’t wait for the revenue from his black market sales of all the goods Burma is receiving at this time.

In the smoke screen of this national tragedy he has found it most advantageous to arrest 12 more NLD members in an early morning raid in the Sanchaung Township. Their fate will most likely be year’s imprisonment as per the fate of most political prisoners. Did you know that military guards were shooting prisoners during the cyclone? It was easier to kill them rather than find shelter and safety for the inmates. He also ordered 8 journalists from The Voice Journal, Yangon Times and 7 Days News Journal arrested. Only after they agreed not to return to the stricken region were they set free and ordered to write only positive news stories.

To the joy of his military regime the cyclone has left many children orphans and the perfect candidates for military service. It has always been common practice for Ole Than Shwe to “recruit” children and there is no doubt these orphans will fill the ranks of his army.

With human carnage clogging water ways, streets and villages throughout the stricken region, only now they are being removed three weeks after the disaster. The epic struggle of 2.5 million survivors has only begun. They faced insurmountable odds to survive the tyranny of Than Shwe before the cyclone hit. Now there is an air of total hopelessness as they ponder a fate with absolutely nothing. When will the world have enough of this holocaust in motion?

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