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As the world finally rallies to the aid of millions stricken by the cyclone there is a hint of caution they must know. Sources within Burma have said Than Shwe has and will take all aid and resell them on the black market. The truly needy will not see any aid what so ever. It has been a common practice for this criminal government to take any aid meant for the needy and peddle it to the highest bidder.

Already Shwe’s thugs are beating and robbing aid workers, stealing truck loads of needed supplies and thwarting the humanitarian efforts meant for the survivors. Boldly ambivalent to the cries of his citizenry Than Shwe and his followers simply stand by while starvation and pestilence begins its death nil on his countrymen.

Not since the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean has human suffering and death covered the once lush landscape in such magnitude. Navigation in all the waterways are hindered by bloated and rotting bodies. Like ghoulish and grotesque Christmas tree ornaments human carnage decorates the trees. The streets are littered with the remnants of a once proud people. Men, women and children walk aimlessly through death and disease with no direction. Their fate ominously awaits them. And the corrupt government does nothing. This is nothing more than an exercise in eugenics. It’s as simple as that. Than Shwe will finally rid himself of those who opposed his murderous military junta that enslaved a nation and stole her natural resources.

Water tables will soon be polluted with decomposed fetid flesh while cooking in the tropical sun. To drink from these wells will be a death sentence if they can bare the smell. What has to happen before someone steps up to bat and arrests Than and his merry band of thugs? Exactly how many people must die before the world intervenes in this epic human drama? Well the world did nothing while millions of Aboriginal people from the America’s were murdered. 6,000,000 Jews vanished before the worlds eyes. So what’s a few million Burmese anyway?

Sadly death will be the liberation of these poor lost souls who’ve survived insurmountable odds. Whence they cross from this putrid and greedy world they will be free at last. History will not be kind as it describes the cowardly conduct of today’s world leaders and corporations who sit and wait. Inaction is likened to living with one’s head in the sand fore a dark page in human history is unfolding before our very eyes. The legacy of death will be what is remembered not the corporate bottom line.

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Klosayhtoo said

I was crying when I saw the bodies of three brothers tied together to prevent them from being swept away by tidal waves!

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