Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Buffalohair UNTOLD STORIES 2


The American Nightmare has no boundaries as it were. I had just recently moved to a new domicile and was talking with the telephone technician working on my phone line. We were talking shop and I happened to mention I was a journalist. I told him of my exploits interviewing everyday people around the country. Then I mentioned the sad tales of the “New Homeless” and how their high tech and engineering jobs were being sent to third world countries. I also mentioned the foreclosure fiasco and all the people living in RV’s or traveling to family members or friends to live out this non recession. Then he looked at me with the all too familiar look of loss I’ve seen over these last few months.

I learned he was a veteran who served in Iraq and did two tours. He buried many friends who gave their lives in the hot desolate desert. Emptiness filled the air as he told me he was attending college and studying for the very jobs that were being outsourced to India and other third world nations. It was ironic his efforts to achieve the American dream appeared almost futile at this juncture. Further, he was loosing his home since it was in foreclosure at this time. After fighting in a foreign land with hopes and dreams for his future, if he survived, he was battling for his existence. His dream has become a night mare.

As we spoke he told me his plight was not an isolated one for he knew many soldiers who lost everything, home, family and peace of mind. Soldiers who were activated and sent abroad lost their careers, hopes and dreams whence they returned stateside. They came home to discover there was little future in a country that was busy out sourcing their jobs and closing plants for the corporate bottom line. Struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder they faced a bleak future at best. Suicide has become a very real option for some of the soldiers I interviewed. The reward for giving their all was an empty and uncertain future.

He was well aware of this new cancer called corporatism and knew first hand of its callous disregard for humanity. The voice of greed has overshadowed cries from this dying nation as well as the world around us. The reality of our existence was more a dark comedy since it was inevitable we would be consumed by the mongers of material wealth. It was only a matter of time before the world was in a death grip while greed squeezed the life out of mankind. It’s all about the money Paisan, it’s all about the money. With food riots breaking out on every continent on this planet it’s only a matter of time before corporate run governments aim their guns on their own populations. Feed them bullets.

As I traveled across the country I could not believe my ears. Fore on the radio there was an ad from an investment company. They were looking for investors who wanted to be on the ground floor of the new housing boom. They boasted about the boom in foreclosures and homes for nothing. The advertisement gleefully told of the abundance of cheap near new homes waiting for investors to gobble them up. I found the ad patently offensive since it was capitalizing on the loss of others. I still envision the glazed look of the engineer who lost his home and ultimately his family to corporate out sourcing and the bottom line. And now, the reward for fighting for your country was to face foreclosure and financial ruin whence you returned to the land of milk and honey. No one is safe from this cancer called globalization and its brother corporate greed, no one. And well boys and girls epic human suffering will soon grace a neighborhood near you.

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