Thursday, May 22, 2008



It does not to matter how the oil executives and President George “Let Them Ride Bikes” Bush tries to hide it. The real game here is the extortion of a nation and the world. I’ve read reams of speeches and statements from oil goons and the prez and the bottom line is their lusting over Alaska’s oil. Their thinly veiled and utterly transparent desire to assault Alaska is all too obvious.

With major discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico, the US and Canada you’d think the greed machine would be happy with the untapped resources brimming with oil and gas. Such is not the case since it is pure ego that is fostering this mega fuel price increase. For all intents and purposes the War in Iraq was simply revenge for Pa Pa George’s failure in the first attempt to rob a nation by his son GW. Since the world allowed Georgie to murder his way into the hearts of millions it was a no brainer extortion was next on the list of crimes allowed.

Like a page out of the crime drama “The Soprano’s” extortion has become an excepted means to force a once free nation into accepting corporate rule. Though the fuel crisis is a major hit, the insurance racket as well as loan sharking have become common place with the blessings from the federal government. Now the world will face famine on a grand scale. Food riots are in every continent as human beings are simply being starved to death, all because the oil giants want to drill in Alaska. It is bad enough all the oil being drawn from Alaska does not see American shores. Yup, it’s all about the money Paisan.

Globalization is a world wide cancer. This New World Order is simply a new and elaborate form of thuggery. Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin do not hold a candle to the millions who will die because of this new crime against humanity. Of course this was a green light for the Mega Corporation’s world wide to open the flood gates of extortion as well. The needs of the people such as health care, education and the very core of freedom have been set aside for the bottom line of corporations and this bogus stock market.

It was almost laughable when George Bush made a stand for freedom in Burma though. Sure companies were band from doing business in Burma, well except for the Rockefellers Chevron of course. After all it is oil and gas over human life these days. And what is the deal with French President Nicolas Sarkosy anyway? Since his visit to the White House he declared war on the working class of France as well. Is it all about the money? The main stream media is controlled by the iron fist of corporations. We only hear what they want us to hear. Total Oil, the French shame, drills on in Burma along side Chevron. Ah but who is paying attention anyway.

The talking heads of Congress are questioning oil officials as we speak. Sadly most of them congressmen are invested in the Magellan Fund and Occidental Oil so it is business as usual. It’s only a show for the public’s benefit since the price of fuel will keep going up anyway. Soon millions will simply starve to death from nothing more than greed as oil companies glean a 250% profit margin. It is only a matter of time before corporate ruled countries point rifles at their own citizens to quell this unsightly disturbance. “Let Them Ride Bikes”, and the band played on.

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