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With total disregard for the residence of the Yankton Sioux South Dakota residence who live near the proposed site as well as surrounding communities, Big Sky Farming Group has filed for a permit to build a mega pig farm to raise a half million hogs a year. The environmental impact will be disastrous to say the least since the animals will produce 200,000 pounds of pig crappola a month.

Extremely toxic, this Ka Ka will not only smell bad it will also generate deadly gasses such as 375,000 pounds of hydrogen sulfite, an estimated 8.4 million pounds of ammonia annually just to name a few. It is totally outrageous they would consider building such a mega structure in such close proximity to the Yankton Reservation in the first place. Also, there will be massive containment ponds to handle the sludge making this a hazardous waste facility as well because of the volume of pure sewage these animals will produce. And only a few short miles away miles away is a school.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs stand ambivalent to the cries of this community and they are fending for themselves. Well, it’s all about the money and progress and its business as usual for the federal government. The corporate dollar and its proverbial bottom line take precedents over human life once again in the good ole USA boys and girls. Like the Shoshone/Paiute struggle to keep the Cortex Mining Company from mining for gold on their sacred site, The Yankton Nation needs the support of the world at this juncture.

It is bad enough Native American’s must live as the secret “Third World” within this land of plenty. But to built a toxic hazardous waste facility as well as a mega-hog facility in such close proximity to a populated area is pure arrogant. It simply staggers the imagination to realize the size of the proposed facility in the first place. This will not go un-noticed since now the world knows about this horrendous act. We can make a difference if we all act together. By finding out who this company will sell to, locate them in the stock exchange and ultimately wage a world wide boycott of their products. We can assault them on a level they never thought possible, their pocket book. Public opinion is a very powerful tool and if we find out who their distributors and retailers are we can alter the course of this proposed plant.

Did I mention the devastating effects to the ground water this plant will have? And did I give you the name of the person who is responsible for this? Well his name is Ron “Let Them Eat Swine” Achs, owner of Big Sky Farming Group and resident of Ketchum Idaho as well as a Blaine County Developer. He is not hard to find. I know he would like to hear your comments. And I know the people who will ultimately buy his pork products would not want to be connected to this fiasco whence they are discovered.

As I read this story I was struck with the total disregard for the Yankton Nation. Imagine having bazillion gallons of liquefied pig poop in your back yard. Ah the aroma would be sumptuous to say the least eh. Well, I have to thank my brother Si for giving me the heads up on this story. And of course, I will make sure the world knows what is happening to my fellow Native brothers and sisters in the State of South Dakota.

For more information and support contact;

Oi Zephier

Ihanktonwan Dakota
Yankton Sioux Tribe
Marty, SD 57361

(605) 454-8355 (Cell)

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