Thursday, November 29, 2007


What the hay is wrong with the public’s memory these days? The latest round of nonsense to be circulating around is Billy Boy Clinton’s statement that he opposed the war in Iraq. Granted the media picked up on this folly but they forgot one thing. And of course I am here to remind everyone what happened after 9-11.

After 9-11 everyone and his brother was hot to trot over the war. Ole Billy Boy was not only for the war but he was miffed that King George was going to add this historic and now catastrophic event to his legacy. Billy “I like dipped cigars” Clinton was almost livid that he did not have a 9-11 event in his presidency to add to his legacy.

Further, he was the one who ordered the bombing of an aspirin factory in the Sudan killing innocent people in a thinly veiled attempt to mask his sexual improprieties. We can’t forget all the coincidental deaths of his and Hillary’s business partners back in the day as well. If memory serves me right there were 41 or so questionable deaths directly associated with Bill and Hillary. It was called the Clinton’s Body Count. Surely you remember the “suicide” of White House Counsel Vincent Foster. So what if there was evidence of secondary wounds that would have proved he was murdered in any courtroom.

Hey Hillary Rottingham Clinton, do you remember Whitewater, Travelgate and Filegate and the thinly veiled attempt to cover these controversies up? And why was Vince Foster’s draft of a resignation letter called a suicide note? Oh my, I remember clearly all the Ka Ka that happened during Billy Boys presidency and it is astounding to me that everyone else has amnesia these days. And she wants to bring all her experience to the Whitehouse as president of the United States of America, Oy Vey!!!

Well, after all she is related to Dick Cheney and Obama. And as far as I’m concerned there is no difference in political parties anymore since they all point towards war, war and more war when they reach office. So what if the nation needs repair. Is it not time to fix life on the home front for a change rather than push our ideals down the throats of others? Yup you guessed it again boys and girls because, “It’s all about the money”, Capice?

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