Friday, November 16, 2007

Buffalohair NativeVue CONFLICT OF INTEREST????


It is almost laughable that the Food and Drug Administration plans to address a conflict of interest within its own ranks. They've been using "experts" to determine what's safe and what's not since time immemorial, experts who were industry related. Again, the fox in the hen house. They are only proposing to require "experts" to divulge their financial statements to determine where their money comes from. I doubt it will fly since this will most likely uncover corruption of the highest order.

We the people should demand that our political party officials follow suite with this axiom. I have always maintained we should "follow the money" to determine if our interests are being served. Recently Boeing and the Federal Aeronautical Administration scoffed at the notion that the new 787, the "Plastic Plane" have outside testers determine the safety of this craft. Even at the urging of a 47 year veteran engineer of Boeing, nothing was done. Fact is this man was fired and lost his retirement. He felt that strongly that this plane needed more stringent testing to determine its safety. He knew there was a very real danger. But no one did anything so if this plane did crash and there were survivors the toxic smoke would kill you anyway.

You don't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to know that plastic will melt and combustion occurs in half the temperature as metal. This was one of his primary concerns. Ah, who cares its all about the money anyway. One day a stock holder with a fat bottom line will be in a survivable crash of one of these plastic planes. Then the molten plastic will engulf the survivors as they choke on deadly acrid smoke. So will the first responders I might as. I shudder to think what could possible happen if there is a fire onboard at 30,000 feet.

Back to the food and drug disaster since it truly is you know. The whole concept of special interests determining what is safe and what is not has been going on ever since all these agencies have been watching out for our interests. Again I state, it's a small wonder the European community does not except many of our "miracle" drugs. They simply do not see the advantage of taking something with "side effects" that kill or offer equally dangerous effects to the human body.

Side effects like sudden death, heart conditions and other serious and detrimental maladies are common place. Even our own physicians dole these drugs out at the urging of pharmaceutical companies. And they get perks for doing so. Of course lobbying efforts influence government while lining their pockets anyway. We have no chance fore we are only citizens.

I would make mention of all the gangsters at the top of this pyramid scheme we call contemporary government. I would also offer a snap shot of how all the cronies at the top of this pile on both sides of the fence are heavily invested in everything that is wrong with this country, from the insurance industry, oil, health care, war based industries and everything else. But Oh well, it is business as usual as lobbyists determine the fate of a nation.

Corporate Fascism has taken over this nation without firing a shot. And basically you let it happen. You reap what you sow and that's how it goes in this so called land of the free. It's all about the money Paisan. This presidential election is funded by industry and they really don't care who wins just so someone from the red or blue side wins since they are all in their pockets, simple as that. Just check out who they donate to, both sides.

As an Indigenous America, I already live as a conquered people. My relations already know how it is to live at the whim of others. We already know what it is to live with nothing as others break promises, lie and steal from us. We already watch as our loved ones die from food poisoning from the garbage we are served and the medication we are given. We already know what it is to live in hopeless despair. So when it all goes to hell in a hand basket and everyone is thrust into poverty, except the select few. You had better tell us Native's about it since it will be business as usual and we might miss it.

With the Saudis pointing the high prices of fuel at the pump squarely at the US industrialists. It is hard to ignore the fact that our so called stewards, From the President of the United States to Parties officials on both sides of the fence are corrupt beyond words. Just follow the money and see for yourself. Corporate Fascism rules the land and that's the long and the short of it.

Don't get me started on the new plagues we are in the midst of. You know, HIV, flesh eating strep that is spreading and the new deadly cold that just killed 10 people. Or did you even hear about it? Eventually we all will hear about it, but by then it will be too late. Just remember, corporations control the mainstream media, lock stock and tomahawk. And you are only hearing what you are supposed to not what you need to. You had better get nosey while information is still available because one day it will simply disappear, poof finito la musica. And it will be for Homeland Securities sake and the greater good.

But what the hell do I know? I'm just an old street kid. So forget about it Paisan, it ain't nothing but a meat ball. Capice?


Your Devil's Advocate

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