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Recently my ma had Lasik surgery. Boy, this was a battle to. She and I argued over having this done. Her reasoning was the doctor told her she could go blind if she did not do this. Well she had perfect vision and was able to thread a needle and she could see an eagle high in the sky. So after loosing the argument I watched as she went in to have this surgery.

The first surgery was a flop. For some reason her cataract surgery ended up being a cornea transplant. They put a plastic lens in her eye. Fortunately she only had one eye done. She complained about having something stabbing the inside of her eye. Her eye was red and she clearly lost the vision in this eye. The good doctor was mad at her since he said everything was OK but my mom insisted there was something stabbing the inside of her eyeball, imagine.

While we were at the doctor’s office after the surgery, I began to talk to what looked like an army of senior citizens. Many of them had similar complaints since this doctor told them horror stories about loosing their sight. One old timer told me he heard the doctor boasting about doing the Lasik and other procedures in less then 5 minutes.

So my mom had another surgery to correct the last one. But this time it was another doctor and sure enough part of her original lens was inside the eyeball poking her. They replaced the lens and still, she could not see. They tried to get her to have the other eye done but this time she refused since I begged her not to. Here comes surgery number three and they assigned yet another doctor to do this one.

This doctor asked why the first doctor took out her cornea since she supposedly had cataracts. Then the first doctor said she had macular degeneration. Then I contacted the National Eye Association and they told me that people should never get surgery unless they CAN”T see. Gads, I talked till I was blue in the face with my mom about the first surgery. Sadly the ole girl admitted I was right and she was had by this doctor. I know this is not uncommon since my attorney with way more means than I had the same situation. Another doctor used fear to get his mom to have both eyes done at the same time. After 10 surgeries his mom is totally blind.

Upon further investigation, I learned that many seniors have been hustled into this Laser and Lasik surgeries across the country. Granted there have been many successes but by the same token there have been many failures. The part that gets me is how these doctors freak out the elderly and the more I look into this the more I see a pattern of terrorizing the elderly.

So if you have an elder who is being coerced into surgery, you had better get a second opinion. My ma does not sew or bead anymore since she can’t see well enough to do this task. My attorney’s mom used to enjoy long rides in the mountains, read, shop and enjoy her senior years. Now she waits for death since she can no longer see. Other people I’ve talked to wanted to rid themselves of glasses. Sure they had a quick fix of sorts but eventually they needed glasses again. Not all doctors are crooks but not all doctors are kewl either.

My ma is one of them depression era folks who used to trust the good doctor. Now she despises them since they are no better than the shyster auto mechanic’s who enjoy padding the bill for fun and profit. Now that our leadership has place a ceiling on Malpractice claims there is no real compensation. This was yet another lobbing effort from the insurance companies. Claims from work related injuries have a ceiling for people who have been totally incapacitated and it does not cover their needs by a long short. Now my ma has to buy all these expensive drugs and drops and I mean expensive.

Cancer patients are summarily being dropped from the rolls of Medical Insurance Companies and are left to fend for themselves. This is a growing problem since so many people are suffering from cancer and food poisoning by the putrid foods the FDA allows. As sad statistic is the mortality rate if infants in this country fore we have a high mortality rate liken to third world countries. Of course it is the minority population that has the highest rate of deaths.

GADS! The Pharmaceutical Conglomerates are pushing drugs that have side effects that are worse then the original malady. Of course, under the watchful eye of the government and political officials who are invested in them. Doctors get major perks for pushing these chemicals like paid vacations, and other gratuities. This is a hard fact that should not be ignored. Small wonder European nations do not allow many US drugs to touch their shores. It’s because they are poison and a person risks death from the side effects, holay. And it’s all about the money.

Watch you back Homeboy and Homegirl because we are all alone. The fox is watching the hen house.

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