Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Buffalohair NativeVue ARE FUEL PRICES TO HIGH?


According to Ali al-Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s all powerful Oil Minister it is. Further he was quoted as saying at an OPEC Conferance Tuesday,

“The price today really has no relation whatsoever with the fundamentals. The fundamentals do not support the current price,”

It gets better and it’s sure to piss every US Citizen off if only the mainstream media was not controlled by the money mongers and the corrupted. When queried about oil supplies and high pump prices he squarely pointed blamed to “pessimists,” “gurus” and “experts” preaching Peak Oil that are “agitating the speculators” and causing this volatile market.

The frosting on the cake was this statement he made at this conference,

“Today, the relationship would suggest that the ‘right' price for crude should be … in the $66-$72 barrel range,” he said, adding that given limited spare global production capacity this quarter, “one could justify pricing” as high as $78 a barrel at best” In other words, this $100 a barrel scam is just that, a scam, Holay!

In essence, we are being had at the pump while speculators and basically shy larks set up the public with horror stories about a shortage. And who is at the helm of this conspiracy to line the pockets of stock holders and special interest groups, none other than George, Dick and their band of thugs who’ve allowed this to happen. Sadly, it also includes the leadership and cronies of both the Republican and Democratic Parties who are vying for the top job as President of the United States of America.

What is it with the general population’s memory these days? Have we become so dense that we simply buy into absolutely everything they say with no regard to what they said or the facts? I guess so since I doubt this conference will hit many US papers since they’ve become more like the Enquirer or Globe these days. I had to find this story elsewhere. There is another world as far as global news and it behoves everyone to be a bit more nosey and seek out the truth. Though we have the freedom of speak and all it does not mean we are being told the truth by a long shot since the media can print anything they want or told. It is up to us to find out the truth at the very least.

How much “IN YOUR FACE” can people bare as oil companies boast about record profits? Profits that is nothing more than an organized shack down of the American people. Why hasn’t anyone said a thing, they simply act like lemmings and mindlessly except the exorbitant oil prices at the pump? Prices that were not in all actuality justified, I might add in light of this conference in Riyadh this week. It was pure greed that dictated this crippling financial crunch to the American public; it’s as plain as the nose on your face. It is all a lie and we have been had. But to hear the talking heads from both political parties you’d think we were on our last drop of oil and they were going to save us. Still pisses me off that them Democrats begged us to place them in both houses so they could stop this mindless war. Whence they got there, they did nothing and now speak of justifications to keep the war going. It’s all about the money Paisian.

It still blows me away that oil companies are shipping our domestic oil to foreign countries while we suffer at the pump. It is an act of treason for this kind of conduct to occur in the first place. Then for King George to veto all domestic bills for health care, education and other dire needs of the people of this nation is totally criminal at the very least. Americans are loosing their homes, loosing businesses and their jobs just soa select few can cash in on our life’s blood. But he signed all the war bucks and the Dems did nothing except look at their portfolios and count their chips. Oh you hear their rhetoric but the bottom line is, “Actions speak louder than words” and both parties are walking hand in hand to the bank while Americans at large loose the farm. This is a slow moving depression.

Welcome to the world of Corporate Fascism. It is a small wonder George W. Bush will forever be known as the worse president in US history, provided he does not get away with this “New World Order” the ultimate pyramid scheme. His influence in France is all to apparent as perks and retirements are being slashed to the chagrin of workers and it’s all about the money. Bush and his axiom of greed will soon spread to Germany as he puts a bug in their ruler’s ear as well. To hell with the worker, it’s all about the corporations and their bottom line.

As a voting citizen it is my firm belief we need a new political party that speaks for the vast majority of the people of this nation. It must be a party that does not cater to special interest and the beloved corporations. Further, lobbying of any kind should be outlawed because it is nothing more than buying favour at the expense of the general public.

“Of the People, By the People and for the People”


“Of the Corporations, By the Corporations and for the Corporations” fore this was Adolph Hitler’s axiom.

On a more personal note maybe this new political party would finally recognize the treaties, promises and concerns from original people of this land. Then maybe, just maybe we could walk as brothers in this land of plenty and possibly live in harmony.

Ah but that’s only a fairytale fore mankind has to be humbled to their knees before they finally figure it out. And it will be the most dynamic thing we will experience in this lifetime. It is happening as we speak. There is no easy way out of the cycle man has place civilization on. The pendulum will soon swing the other direction and many people will die. If I get whacked, I really don’t care since I know there is no such thing as death. And I will be back in the land from which I came, the spirit world.

Our time on Earth is but a moment. This was not our first stop and it surely is not our last on our continuing journey of great knowledge. If you don’t buy into this, that’s your problem. And personally, I don’t give a flying crappola since this is they way of my people. Ah, nothing like waking up to a morning with PTSD’s…………….

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