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StarTrek at NativeVue? Spoon Size Shreaded Wheat?

November 6, 2007
There has been a flurry of signings for the J.J. Abrams-directed "Star Trek" movie set for release on Christmas Day 2008. We've had the new Kirk signed (Chris Pine), the villain (Eric Bana), Sulu (John Cho), Scotty (Simon Pegg), McCoy (Karl Urban), Uhura (Zoƫ Saldana) with more to come! STARTREK.COM is your ONLY reliable source for all casting information on this hotly anticipated movie. Stay tuned for more Movie News!
For Star Trek fans, the theatrical event of the year takes place on Tuesday, November 13 at cinemas across America when "The Menagerie" hits the big screen. The original announcement was so successful the screening had to be extended to another date, Thursday, November 15. On top of that, dates in Canada and Europe have also recently been announced. This event is going global and if any other countries hop on board, we will be sure to break the news! For more details, including links to buy tickets, cities, venues and times, please click here.

STOP PRESSES: Australian dates added! Click here for more news!

Spoon Size Shreaded Wheat


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Somewhere just outside the Andromeda Galexy. Starship Kraft is flying through space at Warp 10. We find Captain Niacin on the bridge. His second in command, Spoon, enters the deck to inform the captain of an urgent message he had just received.

“Captain, we just received a call from the Post Confederation. It appears that a colony of our citizens are under attack by carbon based life forms. These creatures are cannibalizing our outpost and the citizens need to be evacuated as soon as possible” said the pointy eared second in command.

“Spoon, inform the Starfleet that we are on our way” said Captain Niacin.

“At your Command Captain, But need I remind you that we will be heading into a hostile environment since it would appear from their last transmissionthat our citizens have become a part of the food chain in this primitive solar system. And that they are dangerously close to a white dwarf call the Sun” retorted Spoon.

“Is it the feted little blue planet they call Earth? Queried the captain.

“I’m afraid so sir. Its Earth and it’s location on the outer reaches of this galaxy, the Milky Way means that this region has been woefully under explored by the Confederation” Spoon said.

The captain then turned away for his officer and walked back onto the bridge and summoned his chief medical officer.

“Flakes, I need you on the bridge immediately. Spoon, set our course for Earth and give us Warp 20. We have a mission” said the determined Niacin.

In a flash, the starship disappeared into the darkness of space………….

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