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New postPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 2:46 pm    Post subject: IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM LEONARD PELTIER, PLEASE READ!!!!!!
To LPDC Supporters,

Delaney Bruce, a former LPDC Committee member from 2003, and the website FreePeltierNow, ARE NOT affiliated with the LPDC, nor does she have the authority to represent me and /or the LPDC. I am requesting that Delaney Bruce, and the Friends of Peltier affiliated with the Free PeltierNow website, CEASE AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY in making unauthorized statements,decisions and unwarranted representation on my behalf.

Leonard Peltier

A message from LPDC Committee:

For quite some time there have been many messages, statements and news items circulated through a variety of sources pertaining to Leonard Peltier. While we feel that this is good for the most part, it has become necessary to issue this statement concerning unauthorized, misleading or unrepresentative statements on the web.

In February 2007, a website appeared called FreePeltierNow. This website is NOT affiliated or authorized by the LPDC, nor is it the official LPDC website. Our website address remains as

This newly created website, FreePeltierNow has caused allot of confusion among the LPDC supporters. The person managing this site, Delaney Bruce appears to have the names and email addresses of our supporters from the LPDC list serve. They have been emailing the LPDC supporters, with their own website info and updates. The LPDC DID NOT release, authorize the use of, or sell the LPDC email addresses and/or listserv to anyone, at any time.

Hundreds of our supporters suddenly starting receiving emails, from the FreePeltierNow listserv in February 2007,that have NEVER signed up for their updates or info. How could they, it was a brand new website?

Many of the official emails that were generated from the LPDC, have been forwarded to their lists and have been edited or modified, prior to sending. Even Leonard's own words have been changed by them in these emails.

The person behind the FreePeltierNow website, Delaney Bruce is a former committee member for the LPDC and absolutely does not represent Leonard Peltier or the LPDC. She has no authorization to be continuing to represent Leonard Peltier in anyway. There are many reasons why Delaney Bruce no longer represents Leonard Peltier or the LPDC, her prior history has been that of creating dissention, miscommunication and alienating our supporters.

Delany Bruce is not familiar with our ongoing, day to day work for Leonard Peltier:

She has NO communication from Leonard and/or the LPDC

She is not familiar with the team players. At times she sends out statements that imply that Leonard and/or the LPDC endorse certain individuals, organizations or group affiliations. In most cases, the statements provided are inaccurate and the LPDC is not in any way affiliated with, support or endorse what is being implicated in her statements.

The website and her work are unsolicited by Leonard Peltier and the LPDC

We always appreciate your continued support for Leonard Peltier and the LPDC.

If you have any questions, please contact the LPDC at

Thank you,

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Phone: 570-524-0749
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