Wednesday, November 14, 2007

[NativeVue] And the (AIFF) Winners Are...

The American Indian Film Festival wrapped up November 10 with its annual awards show recognizing the year's finest films and performers. Because we at NativeVue can't get enough of this stuff (and thought you'd like to know) we are naming the honorees in the Best Film, Director, and Actor categories. And why did they win, you ask? Check out the trailers from the winning films and performances, and you'll understand:)


Best Film:  Imprint ~  Michael Linn, Director

Best Director:  Sterlin Harjo ~ Four Sheets to the Wind

Best Actor:  Cody Lightning ~ Four Sheets to the Wind

Best Actress:  Tonantzin Carmelo ~ Imprint

Best Supporting Actor:  Ernie Tsosie ~ Mile Post 398

Best Supporting Actress:  Carla-Rae Holland ~ Imprint 


For more, including the film trailers from the winning films...And the (AIFF) Winners Are…

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