Friday, November 30, 2007

Fwd: Finnegan The Squirrel's Story !!

Debby Cantlon, who plans to release Finnegan,

the young squirrel, back into the wild, bottle-fed

the infant squirrel after it was brought to her house.
Finny 1

When Cantlon took in the tiny creature and began

caring for him, she found herself with an unlikely

nurse's aide: her pregnant Papillion, Mademoiselle Giselle.

Finny 2

Finnegan was resting in a nest in a cage just days

before Giselle was due to deliver her puppies.

Finny 3

Cantlon and her husband watched as the dog

dragged the squirrel's cage twice to her own

bedside before she gave birth.

Finny 4

Cantlon was concerned, yet ultimately decided

to allow the squirrel out and the inter-species

bonding began.

Finny 5

Finnegan rides a puppy mosh pit of sorts, burrowing

in for warmth after feeding, and eventually working

his way beneath his new litter mates.

Finny 6

Two days after giving birth, mama dog Giselle

allowed Finnegan to nurse; family photos and a

videotape show her encouraging him to suckle

alongside her litter of five pups.

Finny 7

Now, Finnegan mostly uses a bottle, but still snuggles

with his "siblings" in a mosh pit of puppies, rolling

atop their bodies and sinking in deeply for a nap.

Finny 8

Finnegan and his new litter mates, five Papillion

puppies, get along to gether as if they were meant to.

Finny 9

Finnegan naps after feeding.

Finny 10

Finnegan makes himself at home with his new

litter mates, nuzzling nose-to-nose for a nap after feeding.

My son Dylan sent me this and I just had to share it with you.

Feel free to pass it round and brighten someone's day !

Love and Hugs.

Mantha White Raven !

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