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“The ruthless economic exploitation and political oppression of the peasants by the landlord class forced them into numerous uprisings against its rule.... It was the class struggles of the peasants, the peasant uprisings and peasant wars that constituted the real motive force of historical development in Chinese feudal society.”
Mao Tse-Tung

Mao Tse-Tung would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what is happening to the party he established back in the day. Wracked with corruption this nation has not seen since before the revolution the Chinese Communist Party has become the pariah the People’s Party once destroyed. According to Mr. Minxin Pei PhD, political scientist and Harvard grad who directs the China Project in Washington DC at the Carnegie Endowment think Tank; Chinese Communist Party Official have become corrupt beyond repair.

The very essence of the Communist Party is destine to collapse do to Corporate Cronyism as political officials glean money from the coffers of this nation. The public at large has rioted many thousands of times though not reported to the western press. Opposition leaders have been executed and imprisoned. Land has been illegally taken from the citizens of this nation. And the needs of the people such as health care have taken a back burner to the needs of industry and the state. Hmm, sounds familiar huh.

Over 190,000 Communist Party Officials have been cited for corruption with nothing more than a warning. 20 % where ousted from the party with only 3% ending up in the slammer.

"The odds that a corrupt official will go to jail are, at most, three out of 100," Mr. Pei says, "making corruption a high-return, low-risk activity."

The worst crimes against their own citizenry are perpetrated by the state owned businesses like their health care and land management for instance. Healthcare, a primary concern of any nation, oops except the US of course, has taken an ambivalent turn for the worse will millions of illegal property transactions have taken place to the chagrin of the people of China. The end result being millions of mass demonstrations followed by the government response of false imprisonment and death to it’s citizenry who dare to speak out. Human rights are nothing more than words since there is none.

Their support of the totalitarian iron fisted Burmese Junta who has followed China’s lead with wholesale murder and enslavement of it’s population is very clear. One atrocity not mentioned was the distributing of heroin laced candy that was distributed to the children of Burma back in the 70’s causing mass deaths of these innocent souls. So it is no surprise the Burmese government has taken to enlisting children into their military ranks recently according to Human Rights Watchdog and child rights advocate Jo Becker. Incidentally, this practice was common in South America by US backed nations in this region as well.

The Burmese people have become enslaved in their once proud nation as the corrupt Chinese government spread it’s new form of Corporate Communism. They set the pace for others to follow as their example of totalitarian rule has become a cancer even within their own population. Seems Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book has taken a back seat as the tenets of true communism has been disregarded to say the very least. This is not communism by any stretch of the word. The United Nations has turned a deaf ear to the people of China as well as the cries from Burma. Arm chair political observers of the world, with their “everything is spiffy” heads in the sand choose to ignore the catastrophic turn of events as human beings suffer and die. There should be a sign on the Great Wall of China that reads, “Over a Billon Not Server”. And here sits Corporate America lusting to gain access to this enslaved Asian market for fun and profit. It’s all about the money Paisan.

China’s total disregard for the Kyoto Accord is obvious while their industries puke out green house gasses plunging the Earth into further environment chaos. They lead the way in total disregard for life world wide. But US industries gleefully keep doing business with China since China has cheap manpower at their disposal. How many recalls of toys do to lead based paint do we have to endure before we realize we are dealing with a morally corrupt nation? The latest antics from China was the distributing of toys laced with a chemical similar to the date rape drug to the American market place. Or is anyone connecting the dots? Gads, the news is as plain as the nose on ones face.

Then we come to the Thanksgiving Holiday and the US Fleet including the USS Kitty Hawk totalling 8,000 sailors. Their destination was Hong Kong. US citizens flew to Hong Kong to join their sailors for and planned holiday leave. Eager to see their loved ones, sailors of our proud fleet eagerly anticipated the holidays with loved ones after a tour at sea. This planned event was filled with joy and excitement. Then when the ships made port the Chinese government simply turned our sailors back out to an angry sea with a tropical storm brewing. Imagine the grief and sorrow our sailors must have felt as well as all the family members who spent days preparing for the holiday season. People flew in from all points of the globe to visit their loved ones. But alas, our ships were turned away.

I may not like the politics our government is balled up in but I have nothing but respect for our sailors and soldiers who do the bidding for this nation. Oddly enough I find myself standing by George W. Bush on this issue since he was totally dismayed over this turn of events as well. Gads, did I say that? He blasted the Chinese Foreign Minister over this incident.

It is inevitable that China will soon be thrust into total pandemonium as a new revolution takes hold. But in the meantime their people will continue to suffer this new totalitarian rule as Corporate Communism puts a strangle hold on their own people. The collateral damage is the good people of Burma who have become enslaved as their rulers follow the example of the corrupt Chinese Government.

So keep your head in the sand and pretend everything is spiffy. Pretend all is well as the Dynasty of Hatred becomes the champion of Human Rights violations. And as you watch your investments grow in Chinese stock futures, remember it is all blood money.

What would a boycott bring? Well maybe US Industrialists would have to bring jobs back to the United States. That would be an interesting concept. Course that would mean a smaller bottom line since the labour force would not be forced labour. And as well all know, “It’s all about the money Paisan”, Capice?

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