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Recently Chicago police officers responded to a call then they peered into a widow and observed an elderly woman (82) wielding a hammer and talking to herself. Springing into action the group of officers broke into her home, tackled her and zapped her with a Taser. Umm, what the heck is going on anyway? How far beyond stupid have we become when physically fit, armed to the teeth and wearing bullet proof vest policeman have to tackle and zap an elderly person with 60,000 volts sending her the this hospital. Good thing she only had a hammer, if she had a butter knife they would have shot her. Shades of Nazi Germany eh. Maybe King Bush decreed total war on senior citizens since they are tapping the Social Security fund. And we can’t have that since Ronny Reagan made sure to add this entitlement to the general fund to make the books balance. Besides, we need to fund the war and line the pockets of the needy investors. Pesky old buzzards anyway.

Guess it’s against the law to wield a hammer in the privacy of your one home in Chicago. Or maybe it’s a new law Bush penciled in giving cops absolute authority to terrorize US citizens since they do not agree with the War in Iraq. Homeland Security is totally contrary to the Constitution of the United States of America, the very core of what this nation was supposed to be about. Course from a Native viewpoint we’ve lost our rights hundreds of years ago anyway. You have to remember about a month ago Bush signed an Executive Order giving old King George absolute authority to go anywhere in the world to arrest and confine ANYONE who opposed the war with no regard to civil liberties. Only one political official baulked at this obvious blatant disregard to the Constitution, Congressman Ron Paul (R), 14th District, Texas.

After researching Ron Paul I also came to realize the media and both the Dem’s and the Reps’s have simply ignored this man since he is running for the President of the United Sates. His platform is the Constitution of the United States of America. He is being made out to look like a non contender but it’s all to apparent that he is growing in popularity with the youth since he is telling it like it is in so many ways. Guess he is a crackpot since he does not buy into any of the crappolathe Dem’s and Rep’s are chanting. He actually dared to speak for rights and freedom as well as ending the Lucrative War in Iraq. And as we all know, both Republican and Democratic Party officials are heavily invested in Oil, Gas, Health Care, Insurance, the War Industry and other things that are negatively affecting the citizens of this land of the free. Like a Fox guarding the chicken coup. My street instincts tell me its all “Good Cop bad Cop” since they all are the same.

Incidentally, this Ron Paul guy has been racking in the dough-ray-me as his grass roots efforts gathers steam, without the help of the media. He was booted from a debate since there was so many people cheering him on as the talking heads of the Dem’s and the Rep’s bantered aimlessly. They said he was being disruptive but in all actuality, people exploded with cheers since he was the only candidate who was speaking the words everyone was thinking. Our nation is being lead down the path of a totalitarian regime where rights are being replaced by Big Brothers watchful eye. Corruption has taken over where civil liberties once stood. And we are being robbed and lied to big time.

I just find it quite odd that both parties don’t want Ron Paul to be heard or recognized. The media as a whole has ignored him and with good reason to. They are owned by the corporate monsters that have side stepped monopole laws and has lobbied their way into the pockets of all our elected officials. Ron Paul would upset the ox cart of corruption and nepotism that exists on so many levels of politics. Still pisses me off how the Democrat’s begged to control both houses to stop this war and put Bush on notice. And once they got there, they did nothing but lip service since they are on the dole as well. Just follow the money and see who has what stocks. It will raise the hair on your neck the extent of how deeply these people are invested in everything that is wrong in this nation.

If you listened to the old-timers; tyranny was also a sign of the Earth Changes and it was supposed to get worse before it got better. Ma Earth is getting read to do a number as we speak. And that is one of many aspects man will not be able to control. She is about to get a major facelift. I wish I could tell you my dreams but what good would it do? No one will listen anyway. I am not the only one who shares these dreams of change fore these dreams are spanning the world. The Earth Changes a world wide event, there is no one culture that is more privy than another. Everyone will be affected, everyone will be humbled. The changes have already begun; it came like the thieves in the night.

With congress addressing acceptable forms of torture and debate “The Waterboard” or simulated drowning, minority kids sent to prison for minor offences, elderly grandmothers mugged in their own home and zapped with electricity. It’s a small wonder Ma Earth is going to spank mankind for their shear foolishness and greed. And it’s a small wonder so many people will simply not cut the mustard when the more turbulent times change everything we once knew. I venture to say many will commit suicide when their material world comes to a crashing halt. I’ll just be sitting in my lawn chair sipping an ice tea watching the wild stuff in the sky’s above or maybe skinning an elk. Hopefully I’ll have a stash of Tonka Bars to munch on.

There is no excuse for the ignorance of all the corruption that is going on though. With information at our finger tips all we really have to do is connect the dots while it is still free to do. The picture you draw will simply blow your mind eh. It is only a matter of time before the government puts restrictions on the internet for; you guessed it, for our protection. Homeland Security is a smokescreen and the perfect tool for conquering a nation without firing a shot. After all our new Orwellian Society requires us to submit to Big Brother since they know best.

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