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Last week in England archeologists “discovered” more supposed proof that ancient Inca’s used to munch on each other in yet more double speak about ancient civilizations of the America’s.

“Pablo for to two, with some Chewie on the side please and I’d like a bottle of your finest Sangre, chilled to 98.6 degrees, of course. Umm, can I have an appetizer of Lady Fingers as well?”

Just in case you did not figure it our by now boys and girls. The claims by early explorers to the New World about the blood thirsty savages and blood letting Aztec’s was nothing more than a smoke screen. It was designed to fool the European population into justifying the wholesale murder of these ancient and scientifically advance people.

It just does not fly with the oral histories from descendants of the survivors and other tribes who avoided these disease ridden morally deficient people. Though the Early explorers tried to murder everyone they found, they did not. If US history is any indicator, it was all a lie and it was blessed by the organized dogmas of the day. Manifest Destiny for fun and profit, at the expense of the voiceless of course.

From written and “excepted” teachings depicting Native’s from these explorers’ leaves a lot to be desired at best. But one keen fact still rose from the world of double speak. It was all about the money. From the Yanomomi’s to the Eskimo’s, human beings were slaughtered for this “Funny yellow metal that makes the white man crazy”, to coin a phrase. The Vatican might as well be painted in human blood since this gold was claimed in the name of G*D. The Church of England also shares this pallet of human suffering as well. Fact is Europe was a Killing Field as non Christians were murdered as their land and possessions were taken in the name of G*D. Remember Charlemagne and the Knights Templar, just to name a few? So it is plane as the schnazola on one’s face that whence explorers came to the New World. The lusting for gold evoked an orgy of death and dismemberment throughout the America’s for G*D and country. Upon their return they had to justify this mass murder to the rest of their countrymen. Truly not all whites were murderers for if that were so. I would not be here writing this article since all my ancestors would all have been killed. Human beings come in all colors, that is a given.

How could a civilization with thousands of libraries filled with codices or books, packed with science and literature simple be barbarians and blood mongers? How could they have had knowledge that contemporary science is only barely grasping to this day? And how come these early explorers only had a hand full of books that &ldquoroved” there people were evil and needed to be executed? Don’t you find it odd that only the elders of the Aztec Civilization were killed off and the children kept for slaves? What knowledge did these so called civilized explorers and priests want to hide? Simply, it was the truth. Sorry Cortez, De Soto and the rest of you pirates. There were witnesses and their oral traditions have kept the truth alive.

So now science is struggling to show face and keep the myth alive in the face of a new world wide revolution. It’s a revolution that no country can suppress fore it is coming from within the spirit world. Does not matter if they print it, say it or broadcast it. The lies told in history books will soon be nothing more than fiction to those who listen to their hearts. The truth will be known and empires will fall as humanity reigns once again. Every dog has his day and like dogmas clearly state, “The meek shall inherit the Earth”.

Interestingly enough archeologists, or better, grave robbers have unearthed an ancient temple in Peru. There are no doubts in my mind they will find further proof the Inca Civilization were barbaric cannibals who ate their young in a ghoulish rite of death. And most likely they will have found table settings for six with little Juanito as the main course. Bon Appitite!

If only William Wallace would have succeeded, maybe this all would not have happened. Then maybe Indigenous people world wide of all colors would have flourished. Dare I mention the vermin who was ousted from England and shipped off to the New World? They were the dregs of humanity whose conduct was not expectable or condoned. They were loaded up on a ship and sent to Turtle Island in a bucket called The Mayflower. It was this cancer that was excised from England that founded America. And I’ll bank a stack of moose hides that George W. Bush and the rest of the so called elite who’ve enslaved this nation are related to them.

There is a reawakening I’ve noticed with people from around the world. And there is no stopping it. Artists from all genres are talking about and incorporating it in their works as well. People from all walks are whispering it. Soon governments of the world will try to suppress it. People will die as the iron fist of totalitarian rule tries to quash it. But it will not be stopped since it is the wave of the future. From the ashes of suppression and lies will rise humanity. It will reign with love and peace over a tattered Earth as survivors from all cultures become human beings once again.


Viva l'esprit humain!

Viva la révolution!


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